“Have Newhall properties been sold overseas already?”

Politics / Tue 29th Sep 2015 at 10:16am

A HARLOW resident has questioned what efforts Harlow Council has made to prevent houses built on the NewHall estate from going overseas.

The question was asked by former UKIP councillor, Jerry Crawford.

The questions and answers can be followed from three minutes onwards on the film below.

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2 Comments for “Have Newhall properties been sold overseas already?”:

2015-10-02 22:56:08

On Thursday 24th September, I attended my first public meeting of Harlow Council. I felt a level of excitement as I entered the council chamber, an expectation of pride that I would witness Harlow’s elected councillors address local concerns and administer qualified judgements. The meeting got off to a flying start. A member of the public pointed out that properties in Newhall are offered for sale to foreign investors in China and Russia. Surely this can’t be true? It is true! The council leader was asked how he would prevent new properties being marketed overseas before they are even built. I expected Mr. Clempner to respond with fire in his belly and take charge. But he didn’t. Instead he muttered an almost inaudible response to the effect that he was pretty much helpless. A second question raised a similar concern about safeguarding Harlow homes from overseas investors - and was answered in an equally toothless fashion. This to me was an insult of epic proportions. A slap in the face to local residents, who put our faith in these people to protect our interests. The subject of housing was quickly dropped and overshadowed by a political point scoring tit for tat contest between the Labour group and the Conservatives. They performed an embarrassing rhetoric in front of a baying mob of ill mannered individuals seated amongst the public. I hope that when election time comes around, these councillors will be replaced and professionalism installed into Harlow Council.

2015-10-06 06:39:40

I was not at the meeting, but a friend who was told me with the exception of the questions about housing the meeting was just a load of poloticking by the Labour group who reverted to crass and derogatory language. Which was encouraged by their activists in the public seating area. Our town deserves better....

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