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Communities / Mon 5th Oct 2015 at 11:33am

Nishall’s Blog: After a couple of weeks at university, Nishall pops back for a weekend in Harlow.

It’s good to be back home…

This weekend I came back to Harlow and you actually realise how great Harlow is and what we take for granted.

Harlow is so great it has everything we need. After living in a small Uni town where you can just about get the bare essentials, you can really appreciate what Harlow has to offer to us.

Harlow has an amazing shopping centre, with major big brands, which helps the economy, by bring people into our town and exploiting what we offer.

Harlow is also a very community spirited town, where all the neighbours speaks to each other and also the streets are really quite and it not too busy on the roads, making I so much easier to get around town, with suitable public transport and various walking and cycling routes

Also another thing, I can appreciate while I am back, is the such diversity we have in the town allowing us to understand and embrace new cultures.

I have only been away from Harlow for about two weeks and I can see the difference of not being in a great town like ours.

Harlow is an amazing town and we should appreciate what we have! So I ask you today, tell us what you love our town using #BigUpHarlow!

It was great to be back in Harlow!

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John Plumb
2016-03-17 22:54:57

Load of rubbish. I don't know what shopping centre you visited but it could not have been Harlow. I haven't spoken to my neighbours for four years, as for quite roads our road is like the M25 in the rush hour.

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