Review: Alfie Moore at Harlow Playhouse

News / Thu 8th Oct 2015 at 07:55am

THERE is a natural charm to the performance of Alfie Moore. Whereas some comedians look like an act and feel like an act, Alfie does come across as a guy who is pretty damn funny and so it is a pleasure to spend a couple of hours in his presence.

As you may or may not know, Alfie is a serving police officer with over 28 years service. His foray into comedy began a few years ago and has proved so popular that he is now on sabbatical, deciding whether to pursue a full time career or go back to policing.

Alfie describes the audience as “cosy” and does point out that his show has kicked off at the same time as England v Australia in the rugby. But whereas the rugby was a complete disaster for England, Alfie’s performance was a triumph.

Alfie comes across as a people person and spends the first part of the show engaging with the audience.

The second half is dedicated to a story of pursuing a “flasher” on his beat in Scunthorpe. The story blends the narrative of the story with a number of salient points about modern policing.

Alfie does have a form of “cop wit”, slighty dark, a tad world weary but he is also an optimist and he has clearly enjoyed his job and the opportunity it has given to see a strange world.

The audience clearly loved him and we hope to see him back.

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