Essex Police are fighting crime on-line (apart from Harlow)

Politics / Fri 9th Oct 2015 at 08:12am

ECMWE attended the Essex Police crime meeting on Wednesday night over at Waterhouse Moor.

During the meeting, Essex Police extolled the virtues of the Essex Police Community Messaging System (ECM).

Essex Community Messaging (ECM) is a service which you can use to keep informed about the kind of crime and policing issues which affect you.

It has been running for over a year. Back in September 2014, YH tried to sign up for it but it did not recognise CM18 as a postcode. We tried several times. It was one of those moments where you think it might be you. Until last night.

Whilst Essex Police were imploring Harlow residents to use it, the chair of the Berecroft Residents Association, Zulqar Cheema spoke from the floor and made the same observation. When it comes to Harlow, computer said no. Bush Fair councillor, Ian Beckett said he had the same problem and made it known to PCSOs. Then again, we won’t have that situation again as they are getting rid of most of the PCSOs.

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1 Comment for Essex Police are fighting crime on-line (apart from Harlow):

2015-10-20 22:45:39

Good job Mr. Alton is going as PCC! Otherwise the electorate would have thrown him out anyway! Closing Police Stations, sacking PCSO's, an expensive system that doesn't work County wide, and an attitude that Community Policing is out of date! When it comes to Mr. Alton - May 5th cannot come soon enough!!!

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