Jake’s Blog: Why I am standing for Labour in Church Langley

Politics / Sat 17th Oct 2015 at 06:19am

Blog by Jake Shepherd

THE title of my blog may seem like a convoluted catchphrase that I’ve slung across a page but instead it ties together two contrasting visions in the hope of bringing Harlow closer together. It’s often joked how Church Langley has slowly evolved into an independent, self-contained and neat little village nestled on the border of town, who’s residents stress to disassociate any connections with Harlow both old and new. However behind this seemingly harmless teasing there is a more pressing issue at hand, exactly how united are we as a town?

I am of course unashamedly proud of Harlow and the pioneering and industrious nature of its past. This therefore follows into the second part of my title, of which some may note takes the form of our town’s motto, ‘In Common Endeavour’. Far from a history lesson I hope I can impress upon you the need for unity and cohesion within our community if we are ever to see Harlow grow to fulfil its full potential.

Whilst some stand over the fraying of our town aided by the growing divide between Church Langley and Harlow I hope to show that the continued prosperity of the town can only be achieved through a common effort by the residents.

So as the trio of Conservative Councillors take for granted the support of its Church Langley ward, and yet continue to offer a dull and dreary view of society I can only hope to reinvigorate the sense of unity within our community. Let’s dispel this folklore that depicts Church Langley as an isolated and remote village by showing how Church Langley is a receptive and thriving part of our town!

The key to our town’s success is unity, achieved only by bringing Harlow closer together so that we can finally realize the strength of our common endeavour.

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2015-10-20 22:50:34

So the way you show unity is to attack the three sitting Councillors because they aren't in the same party as you? What a weird understanding of the word unity! Does Mr. Lawrie know you've nicked his candidacy by the way?

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