Harlow motorists beware, the deer mating season has begun

Communities / Mon 19th Oct 2015 at 03:00pm

MOTORISTS, dog walkers and visitors are advised to be aware that the deer mating season, also known as the rutting season, has begun.


Male deer, or bucks, become less aware of the dangers around them, such as cars and bikes on the roads. They can be highly aggressive as they are full of testosterone as they attempt to fight off rivals to attract as many females as possible.


Accidents on the roads involving deer increase at this time of year and drivers should be extra vigilant where there are deer warning signs and slow down when driving through the forest.
Dog walkers

Dogs should be kept on a lead. It is important to keep disturbance of the deer to a minimum and dog owners should be aware that deer can feel threatened by dogs and may also disrupt the deer breeding pattern.


Walkers are advised to keep at least 50m away from deer, never get in between two deer and avoid feeding or photographing them at close range.

Deer don’t follow the green cross code

Councillor Gary Waller, Portfolio Holder for Safer, Greener and Transport said: “The Epping Forest district has a large deer population and I urge everyone travelling on roads through the forest to take extra care over the next few months.”

“Deer are wild animals. They can appear on the road without warning and don’t follow the green cross code! If you seeDeer Warning signs take extra care and reduce your speed and remember that further deer may well appear as deer often move around in groups.”

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