Athletics: Bethell impresses at Luton Half Marathon

Athletics / Tue 27th Oct 2015 at 07:09pm

HARLOW Running Club’s Ben Chitiyo was victorious at the Harlow Parkrun 5K,
winning the event out of 113 finishers in an excellent 18min 57sec. He was
followed home by Jared Bethell (4th in 20.35) and Terry Ridge (12th in 22.11)
both pushing a baby buggie, Richard Smith (23rd in 23.49PB), Alan Wellbelove
(28th in 24.50), Martin McColgan (30th in 25.03), Debbie Barry (33rd and 1st
FV50 in 25.13), Pushpa Mistry (71st in 30.31) and Vicky Calver (106th in 39.38).

The following day both Bethell and Ridge completed the Luton Half Marathon.
Jared Bethell finished in 2nd place out of 631 finishers in a fantastic 1hr
16min 12sec. He was followed by Terry Ridge in his debut at the distance (57th
in 1.33.57), Sean Flynn (104th in 1.39.18), Vicky Steadman (164th in 1.44.40)
and Debbie Smith (292nd in 1.55.52).

Meanwhile at the Hatfield Forest Parkrun 5K Jason Haigh finished in 8th place
out of 144 finishers in 21min 14sec, Michelle Aitken 63rd in 26min 32sec and
Peter Mills 86th and 1st V65 in 28min 06sec.

At the Mulbarton Parkrun 5K near Norwich Will Wall finished in 7th place out of
100 finishers in 21min 04sec in his debut at the distance. The next day Wall
completed the Steeplechase Norwich 10K, an off road obstacle race, finishing in
30th place out of 383 finishers in 54min 32sec.

At the Gunpowder Parkrun 5K at Waltham Abbey Paul Schroder finished in 38th
place out of 116 finishers in 23min 58sec.

At the Lausanne Marathon in Switzerland Colin Moody finished in 358th place out
of 14,766 finishers in 3hrs 39min 40sec.

At the Portsmouth 10 Mile race Martin Coulter finished in 1402nd place out of
13,953 finishers in a personal best time for the distance of 1hr 16min 13sec, an
improvement of 4min 30sec.

At the Greenwich 10k Andy Kinney finished in 166th place out of 261 finishers in
57min 05sec.

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