If you use Epping Forest you may be interested in this petition

Politics / Mon 9th Nov 2015 at 01:14pm

A PETITION has been started against charges for a variety of activities proposed for Epping Forest.


Epping ForestThe petition states:

CHARGES for parking or use of the forest goes against the general spirit and intentions of the Epping Forest act. It will inhibit access and enjoyment of the forest and create displacement parking issues in many areas which will have to be dealt with by local councils at public expense.

Many popular areas of the forest are inaccessible by public transport and poorly served by footpaths and creating parking charges that leads to roads being used for parking will create dangerous situations for all forest users.

Epping Forest is one of the last great spaces that is free to access and visit and that is how it should always be.

It is time to establish a proper framework where “The people”, Forest users and local residents can have proper representation and consideration in how the forest is managed.

Epping Forest was dedicated “for the use and enjoyment of my people for all time” by Queen Victoria in 1882 following the 1878 Epping Forest act where the City of London (Corporation of London) who had purchased the land for the purpose of of recreation and enjoyment of the public confirmed for the purpose of the act that they were willing and able to defray all expenses borne by the conservators for the purpose of being appointed the conservators of the forest and shall act all times to keep Epping Forest unenclosed and un-built on as an open space for the recreation and enjoyment of the public.

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