Princess Alexandra Hospital told to improve by government inspectors

Politics / Wed 11th Nov 2015 at 11:44am

THE PRINCESS Alexandra Hospital has been told to improve by the government watchdog on healthcare.

The Care quality Commission (CQC) inspected the hospital in July and has revealed its findings today (November 11th).

Amongst the criticisms are:

1.Shortages of staff across disciplines coupled with increased capacity meant that services did not always protect patients from avoidable harm, impacted upon seven day provision of services and meant that patients were not always treated in wards that specialised in the care of health issues.

2.The security of women, babies and children was not always maintained within the hospital.

3.There was a disconnect between ward staff and the duty matron level as capacity pressures were managed.

4. Agency staff did not always receive appropriate orientation or training to assist them in the care of patients on individual wards.

4. The storage, administration and safety of medication was not always monitored and effective.

5. Information flows were not always robust.

However, the report also highlighted many good points

1. The staff provided good care despite nursing shortages
and often went the extra mile to ensure that patients had a good experience within the hospital.

2. Staff were compassionate and ensured that patients dignity and privacy was respected.

3. The acting ward manager for the Dolphin Children’s ward had made a significant improvement in a short time to the ward and showed outstanding leadership and determination.

4. The play specialist providing dedicated time to fundraise to purchase toys and set up playgroups for the children was outstanding.

5. The teenage zone within the children’s ward was outstanding and was very responsive to the needs of teenagers.

6. The gynaecology outpatient and emergency service as a function, including the termination of pregnancy service was outstanding and provided a very responsive service which met the needs of women.

7. The outcomes for women in the maternity service were outstanding and comparable with units in the top quartile of all England trusts.

8. The permanent staff who worked within women’s services were passionate dedicated and determined to deliver the best care possible for women and were outstanding individuals.

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