Harlow MP Robert Halfon “regrets affair” as blackmail probe investigated

Politics / Mon 16th Nov 2015 at 04:10am

HARLOW MP, Robert Halfon has admitted to having an affair amid claims that a senior Tory aide threatened to blackmail him with the details in order to win a seat reports the Daily Telegraph.

Mr Halfon, said he is “ashamed” after confessing to the relationship with a Conservative campaigner, which lasted for a few months earlier this year.

The Minister was reportedly told of​ an alleged plot​ ​masterminded by Mark Clarke to film him and his lover leaving a club where they regularly met, in order to blackmail him with the pictures.

The news forced Mr Halfon, 46, to call off the affair in May. He has a long term partner but is not married.

In a statement the well-respected Conservative MP said: “What I did was wrong, and I feel ashamed. I am not proud of myself. The most important thing to me is to continue to repair my relationship with my partner.”

​It is claimed that Mr Clarke​ threatened to take pictures of the pair in a bid to win himself a parliamentary seat in 2020. He previously failed to win the Tooting seat during the 2010 election.

He is also ​alleged to have attempted to trick the young female campaigner into taking drugs so that he could take pictures and use them against her.

She has reported Mr Clarke to Tory bosses, a source told The Telegraph. Mr Clarke denies all the allegations.

The source confirmed that the claims form part of a “pattern of disturbing behaviour” displayed by Mr Clarke,, who ran the Conservative ‘Road Trip 2015’ campaign, a network of young volunteers who traveled around the country to deliver leaflets for Tory candidates.

Mr Clarke and his Road Trip team visited Harlow on a number of occasions during the election campaign.

He worked closely with Mr Halfon, who is deputy chairman of the party.

Mr Clarke, a senior party aide who was praised by David Cameron for his campaigning efforts, was suspended from the party in September and banned from Tory conference over​​ allegations he bullied a young party member who later killed himself.

A police investigation into Elliot Johnson’s death is ongoing, the party confirmed last night.

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2015-11-16 13:08:43

A female! i thought MP's were into rent boys,get on with your life it happens all the time.

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