Halfon backs PM Cameron over Syria

Politics / Fri 27th Nov 2015 at 12:58pm

ON THURSDAY (Nov 26th) the Prime Minister set out the case for extending British air strikes against ISIL into Syria.

He has made clear that this is not about British troops on the ground but about protecting Britain’s national security.

The Prime minister also noted in parliament that the recent United Nations Security Resolution 2249 not only permits or allows intervention against ISIS but goes further in asking for nations to take action. The fact that intervention is justified in international law was a point made by respected Labour MP Chris Leslie: ‘It (UN Security Resolution 2249) doesn’t just allow all necessary steps but it actually calls upon member states to take all necessary steps. And what would it say about our judgement if we fail to take heed of their appeal?’

Robert Halfon said:

‘The conflict in Syria and Iraq is an ongoing tragedy with millions dead, millions of refugees, and ISIL, a medieval extreme Islamist terrorist organisation ruling over huge parts of both these countries.

We have to face the truth: ISIL have not only carried out barbaric activities in Syria and Iraq including murder, rape and slavery, they have also killed and beheaded thousands more around the world, including a number British citizens.

Only a few weeks ago they blew up a Russian airliner full of innocent passengers. Last weekend ISIL carried out carnage on the streets of Paris.

As the Prime Minister said in parliament, what happened in Paris could just as easily have happened in London. Sooner or later ISIL will try to do something in the UK. It is only because of the extraordinary work of our security and intelligence services that what happened on the continent has not yet come to Britain.

I believe that the Prime Minister is right to say that the United Kingdom, alongside the free world should take action necessary to remove ISIL and stop this terrorist threat to our country.

However, I agree with Mr Cameron that any action would be subject to a number of conditions; British intervention in Syria would include the defeat of ISIS through military action by air alongside humanitarian support to help the Syrian people. In addition there will be a plan for the stability and reconstruction of Syria and the preservation of counter-terrorism capabilities to protect the United Kingdom.

As the Prime Minister said:

‘We do face a fundamental threat to our security. We can’t wait for a political transition, we have hit these terrorists in their heartlands now. And we must not shirk our responsibility for security – or hand it to others…throughout our history, the United Kingdom has stood up to defend our values and our way of life. We can – and must – do so again.’

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