Review: Frida and Diego by Moot House Players

Lifestyle / Sat 28th Nov 2015 at 03:05pm

Frida & Diego
Moot House Players November 12th, 13th, 14th.
Moot House, The Stow, Harlow.

By Gary Shaw

“FRIDA and Diego is an amazing interweaving of music, dance, art and the spoken word. Come and for a brief moment be a part of the world of two famous Mexican artists. Witness their lives in photographs and paintings, a collage of love, jealousy, and passion. A joyous tapestry of infidelity and freedom. They were disillusioned communists who made obscene amounts of money in America only to choose to return to the tortured soul of Mexico. Their love was their driving force, I will love you … ‘toda ma via’… Enjoy the rhythmic dancers, the stunning music all melded into one by a trio of talented actors.” Rosemary Caswell – show preview.

The Moot House Players latest production was something rather different, Director Michael Branwell utilises and combines his skill sets from both of his artistic passions: theatre and dance. His adaptation of the biographical play by Tony Broadwick, together with the diary of Frida Kahlo and the autobiography of Diego Rivera, is blended beautifully with dance sequences featuring stars of the Harlow Ballet.

The acting performances were delivered brilliantly by Rosalind Barron as Frida and Kevin Smith as Diego, with the occasional help of Catriona Macleay, who obviously has a dancing background to her skills as an actor as she had no trouble fitting in with the ballerinas for the dance interludes. It’s difficult to carry off a whole show with more or less just the two cast members, but Rosalind and Kevin did a great job. Praise should also go out to Sophie Price, a young dancer who played the ‘dancer’ version of Frida, but was also called upon to deliver a few lines of dialogue as the younger version of Frida too.

One scene had a wonderful, almost seemless blend of Frida being carried away from the stage in the arms of Diego, only for the the Dancers returning in the same pose to begin a dance sequence. The ‘dancer’ version of Diego was brilliantly performed by Barry Gray.

In all, an enjoyable and quite different show by the Moot House Players. Well done to Michael Branwell, his cast and crew for putting on another fantastic showcase of local talent.

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