Athletics: Hynes impresses in debut half-marathon

Athletics / Tue 8th Dec 2015 at 09:33am

HARLOW Running Club’s own marathon man Andy Kinney completed two marathons over
the weekend, his 9th in 15 days! On Saturday he ran the Waterloo 200th Anniversary Challenge Marathon at Deal in Kent, finishing in 51st
place out of 107 finishers in 5hrs 14min 57sec. Then on Sunday he ran the Saxon
Shore Marathon, also on the Kent coast, finishing in 59th place out of 73
finishers in 5hrs 34min 36sec.

Meanwhile at the Bedford Half Marathon Rich Hynes, in his debut at the distance,
finished in 29th place out of 1010 finishers in an excellent 1hr 23min 56sec. He
was followed home by Terry Ridge (155th in 1.36.14 debut), Colin Moody (248th in
1.41.18) and Andy Ramage (278th in 1.42.54, a personal best time for the
distance (PB)).

At the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 10K Martyn Coulter finished in 125th place
out of 553 finishers in a PB time of 45min 14sec and Debbie Barry was 228th in
50min 59sec (PB).

At the Foulees Hivernales 12.7K, near Brussels in Belgium, Paul Schroder
finished in 366th place out of 898 finishers in 64min 10sec and Wendy Spring was
421st in 66min dead.

At the Harlow Parkrun 5K Jared Bethell finished in 3rd place out of 64 finishers
in a superb 18min 52sec. He was followed by Ben Chitiyo (4th in 19.49), Andy
Terrell (8th in 20.52), Jason Haigh (16th in 22.57), Spencer Brooks (21st in
24.03), Anna Baker (23rd and 2nd Female in 24.10), Alan Wellbelove (35th in
27.52) and Louise Cootes (36th in 28.18).

At the Norwich Parkrun 5K Will Wall finished in 36th place out of 328 finishers
in a PB time of 20min 16sec.

At the Chelmsford Parkrun 5K David Page finished in 137th place out of 356
finishers in 24min 25sec. He was followed by Debbie Smith (186th in 25.48),
Janice Page(187th and 2nd Female Vet 50 in 25.48) and Brenda Clayton
(248th and 1st Female Vet 65 in 28.19).

At the Gunpowder Parkrun 5K Jamie Luck finished in 32nd place out of 104
finishers in 24min 26sec.

At the Hatfield Forest Parkrun 5K Terry Pike finished in 55th place out of 104
finishers in 26min 22sec.

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