Review: Bound at the Harlow Playhouse

Harlow Playhouse / Sun 7th Feb 2016 at 08:28pm


PHYSICAL Theatre can be a tricky business. It has to get the balance right between being visually interesting and keeping the narrative running.

Justice in Motion are an Oxford theatre company whose production Bound managed to seamlessly synthesise those two themes.

The narrative centres on three characters and their quest for a better life. They all come from very different backgrounds but all seem to be facing the same challenges of exploitation.

The set is a mixture between building site and run down hostel and acts as a vivid backdrop/framnework for the physical movement of all three characters.

The play is led by a stunning performance by Anja Meinhardt, who conveys a mixture of strength and vulnerability as a woman working, moving forward but being exploited.

She is ably bookended by Luke Chadwick-Jones and Emma Webb.

There is on particular extended section in the middle that is particularly potent as it plays out a “Sisyphean” day in the life of all three characters.

Not only is the movement stunning but the music and the visuals come together to very potent and disturbing effect.

This was challenging theatre and deserves to be seen across the country.

It was greatly aided by a Q and A afterwards which was very informative.

Praise must also go to the Harlow Playhouse, who are brave enough to put on this type of theatre.

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