Frustration for Harlow UKIP leader barred from voting due to “council tax debts”

FOR the second year in a row, the leader of Harlow UKIP has been unable to vote on the Harlow Council budget proposals due to ann on-going council tax debt.

On Thursday night, cllr Bill Pryor informed the chamber that under the provisions of Sec 106 of the Local Government Finance Act, he would not be voting.

The piece of legislation in question directly refers to council tax arrears.

YH spoke to cllr Pryor, who said: “Yes, I have a council tax debt plan with the council, which I am hoping to resove over the next few months.”

Cllr Pryor’s colleague, cllr Dan Long did speak at the meeting and said: “We are watching both parties and do hope you both fulfil all the promises you are making.

“There is a lot of talk her about budgets but talk can be cheap. Just do right by your residents of Harlow.”

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