Athletics: Busiest week ever for Harlow Running Club

Athletics / Wed 1st Jun 2016 am30 08:18am

Harlow Running BankHARLOW Running Club competed in the 2nd round of the Herts/Essex Mid Week Road
Race League Division 2 last week over an undulating multi-terrain course at
Hitchin. Both mens and ladies teams finished in 4th place out of 11 teams and
were 5th overall and after 2 races HRC are in 5th place. First home for Harlow
in the mens race was Rob Lowe in 6th place out of 227 finishers in an excellent
personal best time for the distance (PB) of 35min 45sec. He was followed by
Afewerk Rossom (8th in 36.41), Dan Chapman (34th in 39.22 PB), Amaniel Tesfay
(36th in 39.36) and Alex Smith (37th in 39.39). Roy Steven was 96th and 3rd Vet
60 in 44min 23sec and there were PB runs from Darren Tiley (81st in 43.06), Nick
Rogers (161st in 49.19) and Steve Crosby (224th in 68.47). First lady was Sharon
Wright in 10th place out of 117 finishers in a superb PB time of 43min 27sec.
She was followed by Julia Gardiner (20th in 45.07), Carinne Jay (22nd in 45.28)
and Sandi Rust (25th in 47.05). There were also PB runs from Holly Nairn (57th
in 51.02) and Michelle Hyde (59th in 51.20).

Other Runners
43rd Greg Goodey 40.10
49th Jason Donovan 40.24
69th Jamie Jephcott 41.35
85th Owen Haigh 43.25
87th Andy Bradley 43.37
90th Len Saterlay 43.55
95th John Bull 44.16
97th Darren Coates 44.29
101st Jon Steadman 44.41
103rd Will Wall 44.56
106th Martyn Coulter 45.05
121st Jason Haigh 46.10
127th John Tennant 46.35
139th Colin Moody 47.24
144th Paul Dixon 47.50
147th Mark Bellworthy 47.59
152nd Spencer Brooks 48.21
176th Robin Lozeau 50.16
182nd Marc Moulds 51.02
187th Andy Smith 51.55
198th Vince Hayward 52.32
199th Dave Page 52.32
217th Andrew Smith 58.12
220th Ron Newton 1.02.36
50th Nicola Smith 50.17
69th Janice Page 52.38
85th Karen Moir 55.25
89th Georgina Ellis 56.17
99th Kerry Mavris 57.44
111th Alison Bull 1.01.20

Meanwhile on a chilly and windy Bank Holiday Monday there was a fantastic
turnout of 56 runners at the Hatfield Broad Oak 10K. The unseasonal weather did
not prevent there being a productive day for the club, with a total of 15 PB
times. First home was Rob Lowe in 8th place out of 1210 finishers in a
fantastic PB time of 35min 13sec. He was followed home by Rich Hynes (25th in
36.48 PB), Dan Chapman (44th in 38.39 PB) and Alex Smith (55th in 39.17). First
lady was Louise Tankard (127th in 42.09) followed by Carrine Jay (210th in 44.36
PB), Dionne Jones (227th in 45.06) and Catherine Ridge (244th in 45.21). There
were also PB runs from Brendon MacLean (72nd in 39.41), Darren Tiley (121st in
41.53), Spencer Brooks (305th in 46.46), Nicola Smith (318th in 47.10), Saira
Muschamp (365th in 47.58), Louisa Cootes (479th in 50.13), Michele Hyde (481st
in 50.16), Louise Kedge (549th in 51.59), Hannah Cox (597th in 53.05), Steve
Crosby (1029th in 63.16) and Michele Hughes (1050th in 64.04).

Other Runners
88 Andrew Terrell 40:12
94 Jamie Jephcott 40:26
112 Ben Usher 41:09
127 Louise Tankard 42:09
128 Richard Thomas 42:02
160 John Bull 43:30
165 Martyn Coulter 43:40
202 Jon Steadman 44:19
212 Mark Hayward 44:52
227 Dionne Jones 45:06
244 Catherine Ridge 45:21
245 Terry Ridge 45:22
276 John Tennant 46:25
279 Graham Saville 46:16
300 Colin Moody 46:47
302 Pasquale Pellecchia 46:42
315 Paul Schroder 47:14
320 Sandra Rust 46:39
323 Paul Dixon 47:12
339 Alan Cootes 47:12
349 Martin Mccolgan 47:24
466 Peter Ayling 49:55
520 Wendy Spring 51:18
526 Janice Page 51:33
550 Vince Hayward 52:01
555 David Page 52:11
645 Paula Coleman 54:15
651 Derek Seymour 54:12
685 Karen Moir 54:49
773 Alan Wellbelove 56:40
785 Terence Pike 57:12
824 Jane Evans 57:10
849 Joanne Mills 57:52
850 Peter Mills 57:52
934 Andrew Smith 59:21
960 Laura Jephcott 60:07
963 Jeff Mace 60:49
979 Joy Hale 60:43
1001 Pushpa Mistry 61:37
1130 Melanie Harris 67:11

At the Vitality London 10,000 Metres Owen Haigh finished in 795th place out of
12,234 finishers in 41min 10sec, Robin Lozeau 3349th in 50.55, Andy Kinney
4050th in 52.44 and Celia Haigh 5331st in 55.42.

At the Kent Road Runner Marathon Will Wall finished in 72nd place out of 472
finishers in a superb 3hrs 36min 57sec.

At the Liverpool rock n’ roll Marathon Sean Flynn finished in 506th place out of
2524 finishers in 3hrs 48min 20sec.

At the Edinburgh Marathon Debbie Smith finished in 3416th place out of 6568
finishers in 4hrs 19min 46sec.

At the Hertfordshire Sprint Distance Triathlon, held at Stanborough Lakes in
Welwyn Garden City and consisting of a 750M open water swim, a 20KM bike ride
and a 5KM run, Ben Usher finished in 64th place out of 136 finishers in 1hr
25min 39sec, Anna Robey 75th in 1.27.12 and Paul Schroder 91st in 1.30.27.

At the Folkestone Coastal 10k Andy Kinney finished in 259th place out of 494
finishers in 55min 27sec Earlier in the week Kinney ran the Chase the Sun 10k at
Hyde Park finishing in 261st place out of 384 finishers in 54.36 and the Wedding
Challenge, a 15 Mile multi-terrain race in East Sussex, finishing in 46th place
out of 76 finishers in 3hrs 36min 18sec.

At the Harlow parkrun 5K Jared Bethell was in 1st place out of 157 finishers in
a fantastic 18min dead. He was followed by Afewerk Rossom in 3rd place in an
excellent 18.44 which is a new HRC Under 20 record, Amaniel Tesfay (4th in
19.10), Dan Chapman (8th in 20.17) and Roy Steven (23rd in 22.22). There were
also PB runs from Mark Bellworthy (25th in 22.26) and Steve Crosby (33.02).
Other Runners
24th John Bull 22:24
28th Andy Ramage 22:34
31st Spencer Brooks 22:57
34th Graham Saville 23:24
35th Paul Dixon 23:30
42nd Andy Smith 24:19
50th Nicola Smith 25:05
51st Saira Muschamp 25:10
57th Wendy Spring 25:49
77th Martine Beard 28:00
79th Jane Evans 28.11
80th Kerry Mavris 28:13
81st Louise Cootes 28:14
99th Alan Wellbelove 32:04
148th Hossein Erfani 44.42
153rd Brenda Clayton 50.51

At the Hatfield Forest parkrun 5K Alan Broughton finished in 10th place out of
246 finishers in a superb 19min 40sec. He was followed by Owen Haigh (13th in
20.00), Jason Haigh (21st in 21.26) and Martin McColgan (46th in 23.17).

At the Gunpowder parkrun 5K at Waltham Abbey Terry Ridge finished in 10th place
out of 136 finishers in 20min 13sec. He was followed by Jamie Luck (19th in
22.09), Catherine Ridge (30th in 23.49), Peter Mills (65th in 27.39) and Joanne
Mills (76th in 29.02).

At the Scunthorpe parkrun 5K Paul Lee finished in 51st place out of 373
finishers in 23.02 and Faith Jackson-Lee was 65th in 23.47.

At the Bury St Edmunds parkrun 5K Gary Godfrey finished in 85th place out of 284
finishers in 24.32.

At the Mile End parkrun 5K Andy Kinney finished in 106th place out of 208
finishers in 25.54

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