Athletics: Afewerk makes light work of 5K record

Athletics / Tue 7th Jun 2016 am30 07:19am

AfewerkHARLOW Running Club members were in action at several parkruns over the weekend.
Here in Harlow 17yr old Afewerk Rossom broke the club junior 5K record for the
second successive week. Rossom was 1st finisher out of 165 finishers in a
personal best time for the distance (PB) of 18min 40sec. He was followed home by
fellow 17yr old Amaniel Tesfay (2nd in 19.41), Darren Tiley (6th in 21.01), John
Bull (9th in 21.49), Graham Saville (16th in 23.20), Paul Dixon (18th in 23.33),
Jane Evans (47th in 27.28), Kerry Mavris (55th in 28.13), Alison Bull (68th in
29.20), Pushpa Mistry (74th in 30.33), Wendy Spring (83rd in 31.12) and Melanie
Harris (116th in 34.27).

At the Gunpowder Parkrun 5K in Waltham Abbey Brendon MacLean was 2nd finisher
out of 129 finishers in a PB time of 19min 12sec. He was followed by Jamie
Jephcott (3rd in 19.27), Jamie Luck (18th in 21.56), Andy Ramage (19th in 22.03)
and Austin Nyamande (63rd in 26.56 PB).

At Hatfield Forest Parkrun 5K Owen Haigh finished in 16th place out of 309
finishers in 20min 43sec. He was followed by Jason Haigh (19th in 20.47),
Michelle Hyde (69th in 24.18 PB), David Page (83rd in 25.08) and Janice Page
(108th in 25.55).

At the Reading Parkrun 5K Martyn Coulter finished in 32nd place out of 393
finishers in 21min 15sec. He was followed by Anna Robey (106th in 23.57), Robin
Lozeau (119th in 24.33), Louise Kedge (150th in 25.42 PB), Andy Kinney (189th in
26.43), Terry Pike (238th in 28.35) and Steve Crosby (301st in 31.19 PB).

At the Chelmsford Parkrun 5K Dan Chapman finished in 9th place out of 547
finishers in a PB time of 18min 32sec.

At the Basildon Parkrun 5K Jason Donovan finished in 5th place out of 199
finishers in a PB time of 19min 22sec.

At the Beckton Parkrun 5K Paul Schroder finished in 15th place out of 80
finishers in 23min 02sec.

At the Orion Forest 5 Mile race in Epping Forest Sean Flynn finished in 62nd
place out of 147 finishers in 37min 52sec and Louise Cootes, in her debut at the
distance, was 120th in 45min 24sec.

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