Come and be amazed by Light Show at the Harlow Playhouse

Harlow Playhouse / Wed 8th Jun 2016 am30 11:21am

Oily DartA NEW show for young people with profound and multiple learning disabilities, and for children on the autism spectrum. An exquisite play of light and shadow, a serene papery white landscape transitions from a beautiful warm day at the beach to a dreamy moonlit wonderland. The young audience is taken on an immersive, multi-sensory journey of textures, smells and tactile experiences.
Suitable for ages 3-11. Max 6 + carers.

YH spoke to on elf the founders of the Oily Cart theatre group, Max Rheihardt who told us about the show.

Max said: “Our shows have evolved a great deal over the 35 years. This show brings a 360 degree multi-media experience to all the visitors to the show.

The use of light, the colour white and the sea is all about the theme of calm, a feeling that we want all those who experience the show to feel.

“We would like to thank theatres such as the Harlow Playhouse for supporting theatre groups such as Oily Dart and all that we do.

PLEASE NOTE: Autism shows are on Tuesday and PMLD shows on Wednesday
Due to the nature of this show we are only taking bookings via box office please call 01279431945

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14 Jun – 15 Jun 2016 Studio

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