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Essex FreemasonsEssex Freemasons have launched a new website – www.essexfreemasons.net – aimed at informing and attracting new members to an organisation which in 2017, will celebrate more than 300 years of history. It is part of an-ongoing campaign of openness and education aimed at dispelling many of the myths and rumours which frequently surround Freemasonry with pages covering charitable and community works and much more.

The website features Essex Freemasons bungee jumping, skydiving, marathon running and abseiling down buildings to help challenge perceptions and show that Freemasonry is fun and offers men of all ages a worthwhile and enjoyable hobby.

The new website talks openly about Freemasonry in Essex with separate pages for all of the 300 plus lodges which meet at 27 different centres across the county. Some 9,500 Masons regularly meet in Essex and are a key part of the local community raising and donating more than £1 million every year to more than 500 different local charities.

“We have tried to be as open as possible about Freemasonry and what we do in Essex,” said Rodney Bass Provincial Grand Master for Essex. “Within these pages we seek to answer any questions people might have and explain in great detail what we do and more importantly why we belong to this wonderful organisation. “

“It is particularly important that in this inclusive age we are seen as an organisation that has always welcomed men of all religions and all cultures. As a global movement this has always been the case and it is just another reason why I am proud to call myself a Freemason. I urge everyone to look at our new website and judge for themselves. “

www.essexfreemasons.net takes visitors through pages which cover what Freemasons in Essex do, the history of the organisation as well as sections covering frequently asked questions, how members can join, charitable works as well as discussing ritual and other elements of Freemasonry which continue to fascinate the world at large.

And for those who want to find out more there is a contact form which will be answered by an experienced Mason happy to answer any questions and point potential members to a Lodge that would be right for them.

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