Review: Mother Courage by Contexture Theatre Company

Harlow Playhouse / Tue 27th Sep 2016 am30 09:07am

TAKING on one of the great anti-war plays of the twentieth century is a tall order.

But on Monday night, that is what Contexture Theatre Company attempted to do.

To put in context, this was the preview night of a six night run at the Harlow Playhouse and so it would be unfair to give a proper critique.

But in many ways the plaudits should go to Contexture in being brave enough to take in Brecht in the firs place.

Contexture is an innovative company, born out of a love for theatre and a desire to bring professionally produced plays to Bishop’s Stortford.

And this was displayed on Monday night. The fulcrum was Gailie Pollock who, as Mother Courage, was the glue that kept the play together. Whilst some play the character as quite a hard ticket, Gailie’s performance was much lighter. Sh hoped to survive the Thirty Year War by ducking and diving.

This is a tragedy with a number of serious questions and themes. One minute a war hero, the next minute a criminal, resonates today.

We ar ensure if the characterisation ever got to the bottom of the play but on this occasion it looked as if they were trying to reach a wider audience.

The bottom line was this reviewer would like to see more of Contexture and hope to see them in Harlow again.

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