Review: The Simon and Garfunkel Story at the Harlow Playhouse

Harlow Playhouse / Thu 20th Oct 2016 pm31 02:56pm

A BUSY Harlow Playhouse audience stepped back in time to enjoy a wonderful performance of The Simon and Garfunkel Story.

As we said when we saw them last year, this is not a tribute act or even an impersonation. There is so much more to this performance.

Paul Simon (Dean Elliott) and Art Garfunkel (Jonny Smart) bring an authentic feel to the whole performance as they travel from 1957 and their minor hit as Tom and Jerry through to the re-union concert in Central Park in 1982.

Jonny (Art) is blessed with a beautiful voice. Last time, we thought it was at its most potent in the encore, when they perform Bridge Over Troubled Waters but this time the highlight was “For Emily” where his voice soars beautifully.

Dean really gets under the skin of the Paul Simon voice. There are some words and vital inflections that he absolutely nails.

The story is very well told, helped by good use of archive footage and contemporary photographs.

Once again, they are helped by a very tight and proficient rhythm section

They played the hits so well. “I am a Rock”, “America”, “The Boxer.

This reporter enjoyed less well know n songs as Richard Cory, Patterns and Late in the Evening however, our colleague felt some of these songs broke up the rhythm of the evening.

It also seemed like a missed opportunity to not hear the solo work: This reporter would love to hear them tackle ‘Me and Julio”, “Breakaway”, “The Boy in the Bubble” to name just a few. (Why not 2016’s Wristband!?)

But by the end, the audience rose as one to warmly applaud the performance. We are sure that both audience and performers will be back.

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