Dizzy Ducks Nursery highly praised by Ofsted

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DIZZY Ducks Day Nursery in Harlow recently underwent an OFSTED Inspection and are pleased to announce that we received an overall Early Years Provision of Good.

The nursery’s progress has also been acknowledged by Essex Mums, who once again voted the nursery chain as one of the top 4 nursery/preschools in Essex. Industry experts Nursery Management Today have also shortlisted the nursery chain for the best ‘Training and Development Programme’ award.

‘Managers set high standards’ at the Harlow nursery

The OFSTED report highlighted the following aspects:

· Staff focus learning on children’s social skills. For example, children are encouraged to listen to each other while eating their lunch. They patiently wait their turn and answer questions about what their food tastes like. This means that they are effectively gaining the skills they will need for school and the next steps in their lives.

· New children are sensitively supported as they become familiar with the staff and play area. Young children are [also] caring towards each other.

· Children are given many opportunities to be creative. They listen to the different sounds that instruments make, pretend to build outdoors with bricks and tools and imagine going on a bear hunt. Consequently, they explore and use a variety of ways to express themselves.

· Self-evaluation is robust. Managers set high standards and regularly challenge their own processes in order to make improvements for the children’s care and learning.

Jade Power, nursery manager said “I am really proud of the staff and the improvements we’ve seen at the nursery. My aim is to continue to provide our children with access to good quality preschool education; a fun learning environments; and to build closer relationships with parents.”

Parents can access the full report: https://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/provider/files/2610335/urn/EY399612.pdf

Nursery manager Jade, would be happy to meet with any parents looking for childcare in and around the Harlow area. Just call Dizzy Ducks Head Office on 01268 545904 to book your visit.

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