Athletics: Harlow runners keep up the pace over Christmas

Athletics / Tue 3rd Jan 2017 at 12:14pm


SEVERAL Harlow Running Club members ran off the Christmas excesses by completing
the Buntingford 10 Mile race two days after Christmas. First home was Rich Hynes
in 7th place out of 479 finishers in an excellent 1hr 03min 39sec. He was
followed by Andy Bradley 125th in 1.14.23, Catherine Ridge 127th also in 1.14.23
which is a new personal best time for the distance (PB), Terry Ridge 128th in
1.14.31, Sean Flynn 142nd in 1.16.10, Paul Schroder 148th in 1.16.37 (PB),
Lyndsey Jones 249th in 1.26.10, Saira Muschamp 272nd in 1.27.42, Debbie Barry
276th in 1.27.53, Debbie Smith 301st in 1.30.29, Wendy Schroder 337th in 1.34.07
and Karen Moir 338th in 1.34.08.

Meanwhile at the New Year’s Eve Flitch Way Marathon at Dunmow Brendon MacLean
finished in 27th place out of 126 finishers in 3hrs 50min 24sec and Sean Flynn
was 65th in 4.27.44.

At the Ely New Year’s Eve 10K Jon Steadman finished in 103rd place out of 606
finishers in 43min 45sec, Paul Schroder was 133rd in a PB time of 45.15 and
Wendy Schroder 316th in 53.17.

Several runners took part in various parkruns on New Year’s Eve prior to that
evenings celebrations.

At Harlow Afewerk Rossom was first finisher out of 139 finishers in 17min 25sec.
He was followed home by Craig Segal 3rd in 20.53, Ryan Smith 6th in 21.07,
Martyn Coulter 7th in 21.19, Greg Goodey 12th in 22.25 (PB), Catherine Ridge
14th in 22.26, Terry Ridge 17th in 22.49, Graham Saville 25th in 23.32, Steve
Jack 31st in 24.06, Martin Westley 32nd in 24.11 (PB), Paul Dixon 38th in 24.48,
Darren Tiley 44th in 25.00, Mark Ramsey 54th in 25.42, Chris McCarthy 56th in
25.50 (PB), Spencer Brooks 58th in 25.58, Debbie Barry 65th in 27.09, Louise
Cootes 66th also in 27.09, Andy Smith 67th in 27.16 (PB), Martin Elven 85th in
28.57, Pushpa Mistry 100th in 31.43, Hossein Erfani 101st and 1st Vet 65 in
31.51 and Alan Wellbelove 104th in 32.09.

At Hackney Marshes Rob Lowe finished in 3rd place out of 158 finishers in 17min
16sec, just 10sec outside his PB, and Andy Bradley was 30th in a PB time of

At the Gunpowder parkrun at Waltham Abbey Daniel Jephcott finished in 5th place
out of 158 finishers in 19min 39sec and Jamie Luck was 29th in 22.31.

At Alexandra Palace Will Wall finished in 47th place out of 171 finishers in
23min 30sec.

At Hatfield Forest Martin McColgan finished in 44th place out of 226 finishers
in 24min 42sec, David Page 104th in 28.02 and Janice Page, back after two months
injured, 197th in 35.42.

At St Albans Justin Patten finished in 172nd place out of 416 finishers in 25min

At Long Eaton in Derbyshire Debbie Smith finished in 164th place out of 333
finishers in 26min 29sec.

At Harrow Andy Kinney finished in 68th place out of 130 finishers in 27min

At Cambridge Wendy Schroder finished in 207th place out of 375 finishers in
28min 45sec and Paul Schroder was 208th in 28.46.

Despite a lack of sleep many runners were out again on New Year’s Day to run in
parkruns, and some took advantage of different start times to run at two
neighbouring venues.

At Hatfield Forest Rich Hynes finished in 2nd place out of 97 finishers in 19min
07sec. He was followed by Martin Westley 25th in 24.25, Vicky Steadman 29th in
25.06 and Kerry Mavris 48th in 27.24.

At Wanstead Flats Darren Tiley finished in 6th place out of 160 finishers in a
PB time of 19min 29sec, Paul Schroder was 54th in 23.48 and Wendy Schroder 102nd
in 26.59.

At Hackney Marshes Darren Tiley was in action again, finishing in 11th place out
of 146 finishers in 19min 30sec, just 1sec slower than at Wanstead Flats. Andy
Bradley was 17th in 20.53, Paul Lee 21st in 21.02, Faith Jackson-Lee 36th in
22.04, Paul Schroder 42nd in 22.21, Jane Evans 98th in 26.58 and Wendy Spring
99th in 26.59.

At Oak Hill in East Barnet Martyn Coulter finished in 17th place out of 182
finishers in 20min 27sec and Alan Wellbelove was 135th in 29.02.

At Enfield Martyn Coulter, in his second run that morning, finished in 13th
place out of 154 finishers in 20min 34sec.

At Hertford Martin Westley, also in his second run that morning, finished in
90th place out of 340 finishers in 24min 39sec and Michelle Hyde was 144th in

Robin Lozeau also completed two runs, at Hatfield he finished in 81st place out
of 139 finishers in 27min 27sec and at St Albans he was 192nd out of 312
finishers in 27.55.

At the Zurich Half Marathon in Switzerland, starting at midnight in sub zero
temperatures, Andy Kinney finished in 339th place out of 359 finishers in 2hrs
37min 33sec.

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