Interview: Leo Sayer excited to be coming to the Harlow Playhouse

Harlow Playhouse / Mon 24th Apr 2017 at 01:04pm

IT may be a little bit lost in the mist of time but Leo Sayer wrote some fine songs. And what is more they had some wonderful stories attached to them.

When we interviewed him recently about his forthcoming appearance at the Harlow Playhouse on Tuesday May 9th (www.harlowplayhouse.co.uk) our conversation centred upon one of those songs.

Moonlighting was a number 2 hit in 1975 and tells the story of a couple trying to elope to Gretna Green.

Leo told YH: “I wrote it with a musician called Frank Farrell, who, I am afraid is no longer with us. But it was a true story about a roadie and his girlfriend. Her father was a chief constable and so didn’t like his type.

“They tried to get married in Scotland but he pulled some strings and got them stopped on the motorway near Carlisle. I thought it was such an evocative story that we put it together and the rest, they say, is history”

Leo added: “I like to tell a story and still do. I think audiences like to hear a little about the songs as well but most of all I like to entertain.

“I have played Harlow before and know that they are an audience who really get involved.”

We asked Leo about his new album “Restless Years”.

Leo said: “I will be playing a few tracks from the album but I am aware that the Harlow audience has really come to hear the hits. However, I am very proud of the album and encourage my fans to buy it!”

As we spoke to Leo on a Friday night in Sydney, we asked him where he gets his energy from? Leo said: “Who knew that guy like me, at 68 years of age, would be still in the business.

“But the music, the audiences, the band mates all keep me enthused. It is great.

For more details on Leo Sayer, go to http://harlowplayhouse.co.uk

Details of Leo Sayer, go to http://www.leosayer.com

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