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HARLOW Running Club members Paul and Wendy Schroder had a busy weekend in
Dublin. On Saturday morning they jogged round the Waterstown parkrun, Wendy
finishing in 18th place out of 73 finishers in 27.50 and Paul was 19th in the
same time.

Two hours later they completed the Dublin Rock ‘n’ Roll 5K, Paul finishing in
165th place out of 2302 finishers in 22.46 and Wendy was 433rd in 26.00.
Then on Sunday they ran the Dublin Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon, Paul finishing
in 1109th place out of 6260 finishers in 1.46.29 and Wendy was 2544th in

Meanwhile at the arduous Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1 50K (31 Mile) trail race, so-called
because it includes 5 rivers, 4 hills, 3 large country estates, 2 castles, and 1
cathedral, partially sighted Paul Watts, running with a guide, finishing in
250th place out of 284 finishers in an exhausting 7hrs 48min 12sec.

At the Burnham Beeches Half Marathon in Buckinghamshire Sean Flynn finished in
219th place out of 573 finishers in 1.53.13 and Debbie Barry was 268th in

At the Cotswold Classic Half Ironman Triathlon at Cirencester, a 1.2 mile open
water swim, 56 mile bike ride and 13 mile run, Faith Jackson-Lee finished in
224th place out of 851 finishers in 5hrs 14min 30sec, a PB by an incredible

Harlow Running Club fielded a total of 38 runners at the Harlow parkrun.
Afewerk Rossom was 1st finisher out of 230 finishers in 17min 33sec. He was
followed home by Amaniel Tersfay 2nd in 19.41, Ben Chitiyo 3rd in 19.53, Andrew
Kitson 5th in 20.15, Barry Mooney 8th in 21.10, Martin Westley 9th in 21.45,
John Bull 14th in 22.22, Catherine Ridge 18th in 22.48, Terry Ridge 19th in
22.50, Graham Saville 23rd in 23.23, Andy Smith 24th in 23.26, Paul Dixon 27th
in 23.52, Ryan Smith 31st in 23.52, Peter Ayling 40th in 24.31, Anna Robey 44th
in 24.53, Kerry Mavris 48th in 25.25, Martyn Coulter 53rd in 25.31, Chris
McCarthy 54th in 25.45 (PB), Graeme Butler 58th in 25.57, Saira Muschamp 59th in
25.58, Jim Bates 62nd in 26.02, Debbie Barry 73rd in 26.48, Alan Cootes 75th in
26.54, Robin Lozeau 77th in 26.57, Gail Nicholls 85th in 27.40, Jane Evans 90th
in 27.55, Andrew Smith 95th in 28.11, Jeff Mace 101st in 28.48, Martin Elven
102nd in 28.54, Austin Nyamande 113th in 29.39, Louise Kedge 120th in 30.04,
Brenda Clayton 125th in 30.34, Alison Bull 127th in 30.38, Caz Smith 135th in
32.04, Melanie Harris 139th in 32.24, Alan Wellbelove 148th in 33.06, Joanne
Mills 152nd in 33.26 and Sara Coombe 223rd in 48.48.

At the Hackney Marshes parkrun Rob Lowe finished in 5th place out of 238
finishers in 17.21.

At the Windermere parkrun in Cumbria Daniel Jephcott finished in 9th place out
of 218 finishers in 19.19.

At Hatfield Forest parkrun Alan Broughton finished in 7th place out of 233
finishers in 19.45 and Joy Hale was 147th in 30.14.

At the Fareham parkrun in Hampshire David Morley finished in 42nd place out of
184 finishers in a PB time of 24.28.

At Ilford parkrun Andy Kinney finished in 133rd place out of 227 finishers in

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