Review: Did “Fires Lit” leave us in the cold?

Entertainment / Sat 14th Oct 2017 at 10:13am

Lit Fire


For All The Fires Not Yet Lit
Catherine Ireton
Harlow Playhouse Fri Oct 13th

THIS is the third Catherine Ireton production that we have reviewed. We really loved “What It It About That Night?” and admired “Leaving Home Party” and so was very much looking forward to “For All The Fires….”

Looking back, this might be the type of show that one needs to go back to again. It may be no co-incidence that Catherine is a musician and so there is something about her work that feels like an album (that’s an album kids) that you do need to have a few listens to.

It is a slight tale but that doesn’t mean it has meaning. Claire’s odyssey is a whimsical tale of “one woman’s quest to find her brave bone”. It is peppered with Catherine’s music and her wonderful voice (which we don’t hear enough of, whether it is here or out there in music land).

The characterisations are good, the use of visuals are good but it all just felt a bit slight. In many ways, this play reminded this reviewer of a chinese meal. By the time, you go home, you couldn’t remember much of what had happened in a slight and inoffensive piece of work.

Like we said, we think this has to be seen in context of Catherine’s work, which we have seen before and we will want to see again.

It was great see an audience of over-60 souls at Theatre 2 on a Friday night. Please come along and support your local theatre and independent productions.

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