Athletics: Super Brenda smashes Veteran 70 record in Manchester

Athletics / Tue 17th Oct 2017 at 07:09am

Brenda Clayton

HARLOW Running Club member Brenda Clayton created a new Female Vet 70 Club
Record at the Manchester Half Marathon, finishing in 4839th place out of 7647
finishers and 1st Vet 70 in 2hrs 10min 50sec, a personal best time for the
distance (PB) by over 7 minutes. Also running was Will Wall in 1540th place in

Meanwhile at the Lisbon Half Marathon in Portugal Paul Schroder finished in
1820th place out of 7320 finishers in 1.58.00 and Wendy Schroder was 4030th in

At the Birmingham International Marathon Martyn Coulter finished in 515th place
out of 5203 finishers in a superb 3.33.07.

At Hatfield House 10K Sean Flynn finished in 34th place out of 205 finishers in
47.21, Debbie Barry 70th in 52.26 and Holly Nairn 107th in 56.27.

At Great Yarmouth 10K Debbie Smith finished in 358th place out of 697 finishers
in 55.35.

At the Wix 5 mile race near Harwich Adrian Fell finished in 38th place out of
340 finishers in 33.13, Sharon Wright 40th and 2nd Female Vet 35 in 33.39 (PB),
Ryan Smith 46th in 34.11 (PB), Robin Lozeau 168th in 42.18, Alan Wellbelove
249th in 48.04.

At the first of five Met League XC races, held on a hilly course at Claybury
Park in Woodford, Martin Westley finished the mens 8K race in 414th place out of
508 finishers in 38.31 and Martin McColgan was 486th in 43.33.
In the Ladies 6K race Louise Kedge finished in 157th place out of 211 finishers
in 28.27.

At Harlow parkrun Andrew Kitson finished in 3rd place out of 154 finishers in
21.31. He was followed home by Martin Westley 4th in 21.47, John Bull 10th and
3rd Vet 50 in 22.54, Terry Ridge 14th in 23.43, Catherine Ridge 30th and 2nd
Female in 24.50, Graham Saville 37th and 1st Vet 60 in 25.35, Kerry Mavris 39th
and 1st Female Vet 45 in 25.38, Spencer Brooks 42nd in 25.59, Jeff Mace 53rd in
26.26 (PB), Nicola Smith 54th in 26.30, Peter Ayling 57th and 2nd Vet 60 in
26.50, Debbie Barry 62nd and 1st Female Vet 55 in 27.03, Robin Lozeau 64th and
3rd Vet 60 in 27.22, Martin Elven 70th in 27.40, Louise Cootes 73rd in 28.14,
Alan Cootes 75th in 28.23, Austin Nyamande 93rd in 29.53, Alison Bull 102nd in
31.17, Pushpa Mistry 107th and 3rd Female Vet 55 in 31.36, Alan Wellbelove 108th
in 31.37 and Elizabeth Roberts 127th in 37.08.

At Hoddesdon parkrun Danny McCree finished in 3rd place out of 69 finishers in
an excellent 20.00.

At Reading parkrun Ryan Smith finished in 29th place out of 386 finishers in

At Brockenhurst parkrun, within the New Forest in Hampshire, Jason Haigh
finished in 18th place out of 174 finishers in 21.42.

At Bognor Regis parkrun Andy Terrell finished in 13th place out of 259 finishers
in 21.50 and Andy Rammage was 58th in 25.53.

At Bishop’s Stortford parkrun Rich Hynes finished in 31st place out of 266
finishers in 22.04, Saira Muschamp was 64th in 23.59 and Justin Patten 67th in

At Wanstead Flats parkrun Darren Rauntenbach finished in 95th place out of 233
finishers in 26.14.

At Hertford parkrun Holly Nairn finished in 145th place out of 334 finishers in

At Ware parkrun Janice Page finished in 21st place out of 59 finishers in 27.21
and David Page was 22nd in 27.29.

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