Artist Mark Pulsford opens exhibition celebration Harlow artist’s work

Education: Secondary / Sat 21st Oct 2017 at 10:07am

Mark Pulsford

KENT artist Mark Pulsford opened a fascinating exhibition that celebrates the work of his father Charles Pulsford and Harlow-based artist Harry Anderson.

The exhibition celebrated an empathetic connection between two painters who became life long friends. It is a story that started at the stimulating institution of Edinburgh College of Art which became re-known for its exciting artists including tutor Charles Pulsford RSA* and pupil Harry Anderson, working class boys from Fife who struggled for artistic expression throughout the 20th Century.

Both men could have had a much larger influence in the history of 20th Century painting if not for a lack of opportunity. Now Harlow is thrilled to be showing paintings and drawings of theirs for the first time in England for nearly fifty years. Pulsford’s paintings of the 60s are re contextualised in the light of Anderson’s energetic, organic abstracts of the same period.

Both artists were superb draughtsmen and considered drawing to be of paramount importance in all works of art. Contemporaries of Harry Anderson considered him a significant British artist of that generation, an early exponent of abstract expressionism.

“The most important exhibition of modern art in Edinburgh for the last 20 years”, Sir Richard Demarco in opening the retrospective exhibition of Harry Anderson at the Randolph Gallery in Dundas St, Edinburgh, January 2007.

Harry Anderson lived and worked in Harlow for the last 40 years of his life with a studio at Parndon Mill. He died in the summer of 2002 with an unfinished painting still wet on his easel.

There are works in the Gibberd Permanent collection by Scottish artists’ who emerged during this period, including Elizabeth Blackadder and Anne Redpath.

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