Review: George Michael Legacy: Amazing and so much more

Entertainment / Sun 12th Nov 2017 at 08:24pm

George Michael Legacy

MOST tribute acts that this reviewer has seen at the Harlow Playhouse take a little time to warm up the audience. Not the George Michael Legacy, whom on Saturday night, got the audience up on their feet by the time Edge of Heaven started pounding out.

This was a well-versed George Michael audience. Many had seen Wham and George in a whole host of concerts over the last thirty years from The Final to 25. They had also come to celebrate what happened, sadly, last Christmas.

Wayne Dilks and his sharp seven piece band may have been honing their craft for the last seventeen years and it showed with outstanding musicianship and stage presence.

They easily move, mix and match the work from Wake Me Up to the later cover ballads. Wayne was complaining pf tonsillitis but he could have fooled us as he sounded great. He is complimented by two great backing singers who manage to add new layers to a number of classics.

Wayne has a lovely manner with the audience. He is an honest and humble fan and that goes a long way. He tells an amusing story about meeting George’s father, Jack.

Whether it was the beautiful stripped down version of Praying for Time, a lush A Different Corner to the ebullience of Wake Me Up, this was feel good music at its best.

The band deserved the warm applause that they received on a number of occasions. The whole concert ran over but no-one cared.

We do hope that they return to the Harlow Playhouse soon.

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