Athletics: Busy Harlow runners over festive period

Athletics / Wed 27th Dec 2017 at 09:33am

Harlow Running Christmas 17

HARLOW Running Club members were active over the Christmas Weekend with many
running parkruns on Saturday and on Christmas Day. On Saturday at the Dymchurch
Marathon on the Kent coast Paul Watts finished in 69th place out of 97 finishers
in 4hrs 55min 14sec.

Meanwhile at the Lee Valley Velopark Half Marathon Sam Carter finished in 62nd
place out of 182 finishers in 1.42.58.

At Harlow parkrun Afewerk Rossom was 1st finisher out of 132 finishers in 18.13.
He was followed home by Noel Thatcher 2nd in 19.17, Ben Chitiyo 5th in 20.22,
Andy Kitson 6th in 20.27, Andy Terrell 7th in 20.31, Martin Westley 11th in
21.07, Martyn Coulter 18th in 22.49, Terry Ridge 20th in 23.05, Catherine Ridge
21st in 23.09, Spencer Brooks 25th in 23.46, Paul Dixon 26th in 23.56, Paul
Schroder 32nd in 24.23, David Morley 38th in 24.32, Andy Snith 45th in 25.09,
Chris McCarthy 49th in 25.16 (PB), Jim Bates 51st in 25.20, Gail Nichols 57th in
25.45, Graham Saville 58th in 26.07, Laura Prime 66th in 26.44, Kerry Mavris
80th in 29.45, Louise Cootes 81st in 29.52, Pushpa Mistry 89th in 31.19, Austin
Nyamande 90th in 31.35 and Sara Coombe 131st in 50.29.

At Hackney Marshes parkrun Craig Segal finished in 10th place out of 181
finishers in a PB time of 17.56 and Ryan Smith was 21st in 19.10.

At Chelmsford parkrun Mark Hayward finished in 82nd place out of 557 finishers
in 22.40, Martin McColgan was 140th in 24.29, David Page 251st in 27.01, Janice
Page 275th in 27.34, Jane Evans 344th in 29.15 and Karen Moir 375th in 30.00.

At Ware parkrun Sean Flynn finished in 11th place out of 55 finishers in 24.17.

At Hoddesdon parkrun Darren Rautenbach finished in 28th place out of 54
finishers in 27.41.

At Norwich parkrun Debbie Smith finished in 161st place out of 266 finishers in

At Clacton parkrun Brenda Clayton finished in 72nd place out of 117 finishers in

At Bishop’s Stortford parkrun Peter Mills finished in 193rd place out of 273
finishers in 31.04 and Terasa Holden was 224th in 33.04.

At Bangor parkrun in Northern Ireland Andy Kinney finished in 205th place out of
257 finishers in 32.04.

At Tonbridge parkrun in Kent Alan Wellbelove finished in 493rd place out of 552
finishers in 35.58.

On Christmas Day several runners run at parkrun events.
At Harlow parkrun Rob Lowe was 1st finisher out of 120 finishers in 18.36. He
was followed by Ryan Smith 5th in 20.19, Ben Chitiyo 6th in 20.21, Martyn
Coulter 9th in 21.21, Martin Westley 10th in 21.26, Darren Tiley 14th in 22.19,
Catherine Ridge 17th in 23.07, Terry Ridge 21st in 24.05, Graham Saville 23rd in
24.18, Spencer Brooks 24th in 24.19, Mark Moulds 38th in 26.01, Debbie Barry
42nd in 26.24, Darren Rautenbach 44th in 26.35, Paul Schroder 50th in 27.21,
Robin Lozeau 54th in 27.35, Martin Elven 55th in 27.47, Alan Cootes 61st in
28.20, Louise Cootes 62nd in 28.21, Jeff Mace 70th in 28.58, Wendy Schroder 71st
in 29.18, Austin Nyamande 82nd in 30.38, Kerry Mavris 83rd in 30.45 and Teresa
Holden 103rd in 35.20.

At Hertford parkrun Sean Flynn finished in 83rd place out of 364 finishers in

At Bishop’s Stortford parkrun Brenda Clayton finished in 89th place out of 154
finishers in 29.56.

At Bangor parkrun in Northern Ireland Andy Kinney finished in 115th place out of
136 finishers in 32.23.

Finally at the Witham Boxing Day 5 Mile race Paul Schroder finished in 144th
place out of 388 finishers in 38.58, Kerry Mavris was 219th in 42.31 and Wendy
Schroder 244th in 43.53.

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