Athletics: Harlow runners do the double on New Years Day

Athletics / Tue 2nd Jan 2018 am31 10:16am

Barclay Parkrun

SEVERAL Harlow Running Club Members recovered from the New Year Celebrations by
completing two closely located parkruns on New Years Day morning that had
different start times.

At Wanstead Flats parkrun Andy Kitson finished in 29th place out of 256
finishers in 19min 51sec. He was followed by Kerry Mavris 139th in 25.44, Paul
Schroder 140th in 25.44 and Andy Smith 141st in 25.45.

The same four runners completed the Valentines parkrun at Ilford one hour later.
This time Andy Kitson finished in 124th place out of 337 finishers in 25.49.
Paul Schroder was 126th in 25.54, Andy Smith 131st in 26.09 and Kerry Mavris
159th in 27.23.

Meanwhile at Greenwich parkrun Martyn Coulter finished in 19th place out of 323
finishers in 20.40 and Alan Wellbelove was 279th in 32.45.

Then at Bexley parkrun Martyn Coulter finished in 13th place out of 411
finishers in 21.06 and Alan Wellbelove was 335th in 36.02.

At Hertford parkrun Martin Westley finished in 27th place out of 303 finishers
in 21.11, Sean Flynn was 75th in 24.29 and Liz Roberts 292nd in 39.41.
Then at Hatfield Martin Westley finished in 16th place out of 194 finishers in

At Luton parkrun Andy Kinney finished in 157th place out of 222 finishers in
33.43. Then at Dunstable parkrun Kinney finished in 185th place out of 243
finishers in 35.00.

At the Gunpowder parkrun at Waltham Abbey Terry Ridge finished in 17th place out
of 133 finishers in 21.53, Catherine Ridge was 21st in 22.27 and Darren
Rautenbach 48th in 26.17. Rautenbach then finished Hoddesdon parkrun in 48th
place out of 111 finishers in 28.44.

At Bishop’s Stortford parkrun Rich Hynes finished in 6th place out of 133
finishers in 19.47, Justin Patten was 33rd in 24.44, Lee Walker 81st in 30.01
(PB), Peter Mills 97th in 31.56 and Vicky Steadman 114th in 35.16.

At Chelmsford parkrun David Page finished in 283rd place out of 620 finishers in

At Brentwood parkrun Spencer Brooks finished in 55th place out of 181 finishers
in 28.49.

On New Years Eve at the Flitch Way Marathon, an off road race between Braintree
and Dunmow and mostly run on a disused railway line, Brendon MacLean finished in
7th place out of 132 finishers in 3.37.23. He was followed by Sandi Rust 26th
and 1st Female Vet 50 in 4.05.13, Paul Dixon 80th in 4.43.44, Janice Page 103rd
and 2nd Female Vet 55 in 5.12.09 and Hannah Cox 122nd in 5.36.00 in her debut at
the distance.

On the same day at the Buntingford 10 Mile race Nick Ryley-Warren finished in
163rd place out of 492 finishers in 1.20.40 in his debut at the distance. Martin
McColgan was 229th in 1.25.45 and Andy Kitson 490th in 2.21.12.

Several runners completed parkruns on the Saturday.
At Harlow parkrun Afewerk Rossom was 1st finisher out of 129 finishers in 17.13.
He was as followed home by Craig Segal 2nd in 19.43, Martin Westley 4th in
21.38, Ben Usher 5th in 21.44, Catherine Ridge 11th in 23.02, Andy Kitson 21st
in 24.57, Andy Smith 31st in 26.00, Chris McCarthy 34th in 26.07, Alan Cootes
40th in 26.28, Jim Bates 41st in 26.33, Terry Ridge 42nd in 26.52, Debbie Barry
45th in 27.07, Laura Prime 51st in 27.46, Paul Schroder 52nd in 27.55, Holly
Nairn 56th in 28.15, Andrew Smith 60th in 28.40, Robin Lozeau 69th in 29.21,
Martin Elven 74th in 29.54, Austin Nyamande 81st in 30.55, Pushpa Mistry 87th in
33.10, Alan Wellbelove 104th in 35.59, Liz Roberts 110th in 37.05, Louise
Peacock 113th in 37.51 and Andy Kinny 129th in 46.12.

At Bishop’s Stortford parkrun Rich Hynes finished in 5th place out of 243
finishers in 19.42, Justin Patten was 85th in 27.23, Louise Cootes 98th in
28.03, Martyn Coulter 99th in 28.14 and Janice Page 166th in 31.53.

At Mersea Island parkrun Julia Gardiner finished in 14th place out of 56
finishers in 24.39.

At Wanstead Flats parkrun Spencer Brooks finished in 25th place out of 130
finishers in 24.27 and Graham Saville 29th in 24.58.

At Ware parkrun Sean Flynn finished in 9th place out of 30 finishers in 26.24.

At Tamar Lakes parkrun in Cornwall Kerry Mavris finished in 36th place out of 99
finishers in 26.44.

At Gunpowder parkrun at Waltham Abbey Darren Rautenbach finished in 46th place
out of 164 finishers in 27.32.

At Norwich parkrun Debbie Smith finished in 152nd place out of 261 finishers in

At Brentwood parkrun Brenda Clayton finished in 76th place out of 100 finishers
in 34.24.

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