Passmores students on a mission to recycle

Education: Secondary / Mon 22nd Jan 2018 at 03:29pm

PASSMORES students are on a mission to create a cleaner and greener environment for all by stepping up the school’s commitment to recycling.

The team of prefects promoting environmental awareness consists of five students: Connor, Ami, Luke, Matthew, and Ryan. All are dedicated advocates of good environmental practices. Matthew said, ‘I think rubbish and the environment is a big problem, that’s why I wanted to get involved’. Luke agreed, adding, ‘I want to help the community because it’s upsetting to see rubbish everywhere’.

The Recyclatron machine was unveiled at the school two years ago and keeps a tally of the recycling deposited in it, and there have always been recycling bins in all classrooms and around the school. Now the team wants to ramp up the usage of these. To support with this, a group of thirty student volunteers have been tasked with helping to promote recycling within their own tutor groups. From next month, the cause will be aided further with the introduction of compostable cups, cutlery and pasta pots.

With its innovative, state of the art building, Passmores is already ahead of the game when it comes to green initiatives. The environmentally friendly bio-mass boiler, brown roof and solar panels conserve energy and are even used to demonstrate aspects of the science curriculum to students.

Geography teacher and eco-warrior, Val Neagus said, ‘If we can get recycling back on the agenda it will not only reduce the number of waste bins, but will also decrease costs in getting rid of rubbish, as the school isn’t charged for the collection of recycling. At the start of September, we were overflowing the general waste bins. Now, in just one term, we’ve reduced waste in these by just under 20% and are filling up to twelve recycling skips each week!’.

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