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Entertainment / Sat 17th Feb 2018 at 01:43pm

Medea P

Review of the Anti-Valentines Day Event by Pecho Mama

MEDEA Electronica is a wild and imaginative retelling of the ancient Greek tragedy, set in the technological turbulence of 1980’s England.

First things first, much respect to the team at Harlow Playhouse and their partners the Harvey Centre for putting on this performance.

It was set in one of the empty units in the centre and shows that there is imagination and ambiton in the plans for both organisations.

The evening had DJ Sets before and after the main event with music steeped in the eighties. For this 56-year-old reviewer standing listening to Let’s Dance and Love Will Tear Us Apart brought us back to a student union from a few decades ago.

Pecho Mama came on to a physically traditonal music but this was music and a play combined. The trouble at this point was that people were still drinking and chatting. Not necesaarly their fault but it basically meant you couldn’t hear the first ten minutes or so. But you live and learn with things like this.

The performance centred on Mella Faye’s “woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown”. Her interaction with taped voices, her physical presence and ability to deliver the song cycle throughout the hour was impressive.

She was ably abetted by her two fellow musicians who provide the electronica ambience as well as highly crafted musicianship.

All in turn were greatly helped by the set which gave a sense of impending doom.

This was not easy subject matter and takes you, late at night in the Harvey Centre, to some dark spaces but that is what performance art and music such as this should do.

It stretches you and the artist. We definitely want to see more of this group and more work such as this in Harlow.

This was a dark night of the electronica soul but it was worth it.

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