Holy Cross Pre-School told by Ofsted it needs to improve

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A SCHOOL based in the grounds of Holy Cross school has been told to improve by government watchdog, Ofsted.

The government watchdog visited the pre-school in Tracyes Road in February 2018.

Th epre-school is run by Nats Nursery Limited and uses the premises.

The criticsms were as follows.

At times, staff assessment of children’s learning is inaccurate. Consequently, activities do not always provide suitable levels of challenge or fully meet children’s individual learning needs.

Systems for the effective monitoring and supervision of staff are not fully developed to improve teaching to a good level. This means that staff are not fully supported to understand the responsibilities of their roles.

Staff do not take reasonable steps to support some children who speak English as an additional language to use their home languages in their play and learning.

Staff do not always use appropriate language to manage children’s behaviour in a positive way.

There were positive observations.
Parents make positive comments about the quality of care provided by staff. They say that they feel involved in their children’s learning and enjoy attending special events at the pre-school.

Staff foster children’s independence well. Children are encouraged to choose their snacks and feed themselves. They find their belongings and put on their coats to go outside.

The manager has formed effective relationships with other providers of settings that children attend and the host school. This helps to support children’s continuity of care.

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