Athletics: No fear for Harlow as they go into the valley

Athletics / Tue 27th Mar 2018 am31 10:37am

HARLOW Running Club had several members at the Lee Valley Run Fest, featuring a half marathon and a 10K race, both starting and finishing at the awesome White Water Centre. In the half marathon Spencer Brooks finished in 198th place out of 467 finishers in 1hr 53min 11sec, Dave Goosetree was 272nd in 2.00.11 and Holly Nairn 304th in 2.03.59.

In the 10K event Alan Cootes finished in 84th place out of 469 finishers and 3rd Vet 60 in 50.32. He was followed by Jane Evans 139th and 3rd Female Vet 50 in 55.35, Karen Moir 182nd in 57.26, Vanessa Bull 201st in 58.03, Louise Kedge 210th in 58.19, Dean Bull 217th in 58.22 (PB), Louise Peacock 323rd in 1.03.58, Paul Miles 325th in 1.04.03 (PB) and Lindsey Pearson 345th in 1.05.37 (PB).

Meanwhile at Colchester Half Marathon Nick D’Alton finished in 594th place out of 2778 finishers in 1.45.28, Laura Prime 988th in 1.52.42 (PB) and Brenda Clayton 2101st and 1st Female Vet 65 in 2.15.58.

At the inaugural London Landmarks Half Marathon, running past some of London’s most iconic landmarks including Big Ben, St Paul’s Cathedral, Nelson’s Column, the Gherkin, the Shard, the Tower of London and the London Eye, Saira Muschamp finished in 1763rd place out of over 10,000 finishers in 1.51.15.

At the Orion 15 Mile race, a very hilly, very muddy cross country race through Epping Forest at Chingford, Alan Broughton finished in 66th place out of 300 finishers in 1.58.58, Darren Tiley was 164th in 2.18.23, Julia Gardiner 203rd in 2.26.41, Pasquale Pellecchia 226th in 2.29.57, Kerry Mavris 246th in 2.34.54 and Andrew Smith 294th in 3.00.02.

At the Wymondham 20 Mile race in Norfolk Colin Moody finished in 109th place out of 371 finishers and 2nd V65 in 2.41.39 and Debbie Smith was 294th in 3.27.06.

At the Dorney Lake 20 Mile race near Windsor Andy Bradley finished in 158th place out of 588 finishers in 2.49.38.

Andy Kinney had a double header weekend. On Saturday he finished the Asbourne 10 Mile trail race in the Derbyshire Dales, finishing in 156th place out of 179 finishers in 1.51.45. Then on Sunday he ran the Liverpool 10 Mile race, finishing in 293rd place out of 358 finishers in 1.49.41.

At Harlow parkrun Martin Westley finished in 2nd place out of 161 finishers in 20.22. He was followed home by John Bull 9th in 22.31, Catherine Ridge 14th in 23.28, Roy Steven 18th in 24.06, Paul Dixon 23rd in 24.29, Peter Ayling 40th in 26.23, Robin Lozeau 47th in 27.13, Graham Saville 53rd in 28.11, Spencer Brooks 56th in 28.17, Austin Nyamande 71st in 29.54, Teresa Stickland 80th in 30.31, Jane Evans 81st in 30.38, Hossein Erfani 82nd in 30.39, Pushpa Mistry 88th in 31.30, Alan Wellbelove 94th in 31.59, Louise Cootes 149th in 44.03 and Sara Coombe 152nd in 46.35.

At Bishop’s Stortford parkrun Rob Lowe finished in 2nd place out of 243 finishers in 17.30, Darren Rautenbach was 43rd in 23.33 and Justin Patten 69th in 25.15.

At Hackney Marshes parkrun Martyn Coulter finished in 34th place out of 313 finishers in 19.35

At Hoddesdon parkrun Danny McCree finished in 2nd place out of 59 finishers in 20.48.

At Hertford parkrun Sean Flynn finished in 39th place out of 252 finishers in 23.15.

At Chelmsford parkrun Janice Page finished in 243rd place out of 541 finishers in 27.06 and David Page was 247th in 27.13

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