Public Health England boss to skydive for St Clare

Charity / Wed 9th May 2018 am31 11:00am

WE ALL know that thousands of staff from Public Health England (PHE) will be descending on their new £350 million faciity soon but Head of Community Engagement, Michael Beard, is taking it literally, as he plans to sky-dive for St Clare Hospice.

Michael Beard

On June 9th, weather permitting, Michael will be plunging from a height of 13,000 feet reaching speeds up to 120 mph.

Michael said: “Believe it or not I am afraid of heights, so it would take a really good cause to make me jump from a plane.

“During my engagements around Harlow I had the opportunity to tour the St Clare Hospice. When I saw first hand the work that they do and heard about their urgent need for revenue I didn’t have a choice.

“I will have to forget my fears for a few minutes and hopefully raise a lot of money for a really incredible cause.

“PHE has always said it wants to be a big part of the Harlow community so how could I saw no.”

Last year the hospice helped more than 1,800 people and their families – a 20% increase from five years ago.

In 2016/17 the total annual cost of providing specialist care services at St Clare Hospice was £4.2million. The Hospice received £1,913,000 in NHS funding, which means they still needed to raise 54% of their income themselves.


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