Greater Anglia launches new customer survey to help improve passengers’ journeys.

Lifestyle / Tue 5th Jun 2018 at 09:47am

GREATER Anglia has launched a new customer survey to help them improve passengers’ journeys.

The ‘Always Listening’ survey gives customers the opportunity to leave feedback about everything from a specific journey, the quality of information on the website or general comments about stations and trains.

Using intelligent software, the survey system can categorise the responses and even ask extra questions on areas that receive a low score.

Greater Anglia’s Customer Experience Insight Manager, Anthony Registe, who built the system, said, “We’ll be able to use that information to understand what the recurring issues are, make changes and provide a better service.

“We want to continually improve in the areas that are most important to our customers.

“So the more passengers use the survey, the more insight we’ll have to enable us to do this.”

The survey can be filled in anytime and anywhere, only takes a few minutes and passengers can give even feedback about a specific issue in real time at greateranglia.co.uk/survey, on the company’s app or through Greater Anglia’s wifi portal.

Respondents will be asked for information about their journey, their level of satisfaction, ease of interaction and the quality of information.

For feedback about delays, the system will detect this and automatically provide the customer with a link to the Delay Repay page on Greater Anglia’s website.

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