Passmores praised as “Outstanding” and “Inspirational” by Ofsted

Education: Secondary / Thu 7th Jun 2018 at 01:05pm

Passmores Academy

PASSMORES Academy has been described and “Outstanding” and “Inspirational” after an inspection by government watchdog, Ofsted.

The inspectors spent two days at the Tracyes Road school between May 9th and 10th.

The report states

The principal’s inspirational leadership has created a culture of high expectations and ambition. All members of the school community are encouraged to pursue excellence.

Governors are professional and knowledgeable. Their clear understanding of the school’s priorities enables them to oversee effectively the continued raising of standards.

Leaders have an accurate understanding of the school’s strengths and weaknesses. They focus on the right priorities for development and rigorously monitor their improvement plans.

The rich and imaginative curriculum puts pupils’ needs and aspirations first. These needs are enhanced by the extensive extra-curricular programme.

Teaching is consistently good. Leaders’ actions and comprehensive staff training programme ensure that it continues to improve.

Leaders prioritise staff well-being. Staff are proud to work at the school and their morale is high.

Parents and carers speak very highly of the school and most would recommend it to other parents.

Careers information and guidance are of a high quality. Pupils are well supported in making appropriate choices at key stage 4 and post-16.

The outstanding provision for pupils’ personal development and welfare ensures that no child is left behind. Relationships based on mutual trust flourish between pupils and staff.

Pupils in the school’s specialist resource base receive exemplary care.

Pupils who have special educational needs (SEN) and/or disabilities receive highly effective care and support.

Pupils are tolerant and respectful of others, and behave well. Their attendance is above average, and they arrive punctually to lessons.

Pupils make good progress over time because they work hard and are well taught.

Leaders use additional funding well to ensure that disadvantaged pupils make increasingly strong progress.

Despite major difficulties in teacher recruitment, leaders have secured high-quality teaching in most areas of the school. Leaders acknowledge that some teaching in science and mathematics needs to improve further.

Leaders recognise that they need to secure further improvements in pupils’ reading skills.

Some of the most able pupils do not achieve as well as they should because the work teachers set is not challenging enough.

A spokesperson said: “At Passmores we are delighted to have received our official report following a visit from a team of Ofsted inspectors on the 9th and 10th of May.

Passmores has never prioritised what Ofsted want so it is always interesting to see how this approach will be received by them when they come to look around.

The report has many comments that we are delighted to read and that highlight how the school puts the needs of the community above any league table position or Ofsted judgement such as ‘The rich and imaginative curriculum puts pupils’ needs and aspirations first’ and ‘The outstanding provision for pupils’ personal development and welfare ensures that no child is left behind’.

Of course, the most important parts of the report are when it mentions our young people. This type of comment was lovely to read:

‘Pupils feel confident to be different. Pupils gave examples to inspectors of how they or their friends had been supported with their own differences, and explained that discrimination or derogatory language is not tolerated. Pupils are certain that having a different background or outlook on life is respected in this school. As one pupil said, ‘Passmores is definitely for everyone and anyone’.

The inspectors also read the numerous comments that parents/carers provided online, or in letters to them, and used them as a basis for their judgements such as:

‘Staff know pupils exceedingly well and an overwhelming majority of parents indicated on Ofsted’s online questionnaire, Parent View, that their children are safe, happy and well cared for. Pupils and staff frequently refer to the school in terms of a family. ‘At Passmores, they care about each individual pupil’ was typical of the many comments parents made to acknowledge the inclusive nature of the school’.

The final thing we would like to highlight from the report is around the work we do to keep our young people safe:

‘Safeguarding has a very high profile, and pupils’ welfare and safety are paramount. Staff, pupils and parents agree overwhelmingly that there is a strong culture of safeguarding throughout the school that allows pupils to feel safe’.

Of course there are always things to work on but, as can be seen throughout the report, the staff and governors of the school know what they are and are doing things to improve them.”

The full report can be fo


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2 Comments for Passmores praised as “Outstanding” and “Inspirational” by Ofsted:

m ingall
2018-06-07 17:25:21

Congratulations to Vic Goddard, his staff and all the pupils of Passmores. OFSTED are right, Passmores is an inspirational place, a truly inclusive school, right at the heart of the community it serves, that epitomises the "every child matters" approach.

2018-06-08 19:34:10

Thanks Mark for your kindness. Very proud of our students and the whole Harlow community. Always work to be done but delighted that the efforts of everyone has been recognised. Look forward to continuing to welcome all the young people that wish to come to Passmores whatever their aspirations and needs.

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