Harlow Labour’s parliamentary candidate speaks out against “deception and dishonesty” in politics

News / Fri 3rd Aug 2018 am31 07:25am

LAURA McAlpine, Labour’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Harlow and the Villages today spoke out against deception and dishonesty in politics, pledging to do all that she can to ensure openness and transparency in the next Labour government.

“I want to be part of a government which is committed to making life better for as many people as possible, not sneaking through harmful policies and bad news on the last day of term because they cannot be defended in open debate.

This government, on the final day before the 6-week parliamentary summer recess, made several announcements which slipped most people’s notice; a 100% rise in the numbers of our service personnel seeking mental health support over the past decade, and increasingly long waits for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans to receive treatment. We also had news of the closure of two RAF bases days after the RAF centenary.

We had a report on a failing rail network, with carriages carrying two-and-a-half times the numbers they were designed for, the confirmation that real wages in the public sector are still lower than they were in 2010, and no new money will be allocated to reduce the austerity programme. These are all issues which government should be prepared to discuss honestly and openly, explaining reasoning and strategy, and offering clear plans of action. Instead, they announce these things on the last day of the parliament, then scuttle off for 6 weeks in the hope it will be forgotten about by the time they return”.

Laura sees it as an insult to the British public, for government to be devious and underhand about introducing policy they are not prepared to fully debate, or publishing reports which they find embarrassing. She claims that sometimes the policies which are ‘sneaked through’ can be amongst the most socially harmful legislation.

“I am against this new policy of councils losing the right to block private developments if they have ‘failed to build their fair quota of affordable housing’. This is a blatant policy of punishing the local population, and perhaps turning that population against a local council, when the reason some councils do not meet quotas have more to do with government policies than local ones. Who wants to live in an area where the council cannot block inappropriate housing developments? But this change has been sneaked through with no debate.”

Laura’s position on housing in Harlow reflects her own experience, having grown up in Harlow she recognises the importance of young people being able to establish themselves in the town, in Council housing, private rental, or as house-buyers.

“If the town’s young people cannot find affordable housing in Harlow, the town will eventually die. We need policies which produce more council housing and more affordable housing, and rent caps on private rentals, not legislation which pretends to encourage affordable housing but which is actually designed to produce unrestricted private development. And the fact that such matters are quietly slipped through by this government is really an attempt to avoid parliamentary scrutiny and public debate. It is deceitful and dishonourable, and it has to stop.

“Harlow is not unique in wanting an MP who will fight for the interests of the town and its people, but also take difficult decisions honestly and openly. People really have had enough of deceptive and dishonest politicians.”

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35 Comments for Harlow Labour’s parliamentary candidate speaks out against “deception and dishonesty” in politics:

2018-08-03 07:44:30

Laura McAlpine soeaks good sense about openness and honesty in politics and reveals the deplorable underhandedness of putting important legislation and announcements that don't reflect well on the government on the last day of Parliament. She is also right to draw our attention to the ways in which a government hostile to local government hampers their capacity to serve their local community effectively. Well done, Laura. Keep up your very good work. And well done to all the energetic young Labour activists who get the message across so enthusiastically and persuasively.

2018-08-03 09:12:21

You always see Labour activists across the town (not just at election time, and also unpaid) with multiple initiatives and campaigns, showing how much they care about Harlow. And in a candidate such as Laura, we have someone with heritage in the fabric of the area we can all support. I think the Tories are rattled by Laura. So would I be, with a rival that is keen to get her and that party's message across and the skill and expertise to do so. Roll on the next election.

Brett Hawksbee
2018-08-03 09:54:31

Laura McAlpine will be just the kind of MP Harlow needs. An ex Burnt Mill student who really cares about Harlow, and a capable and resourceful young woman. I recently spent an entire Sunday with Laura clearing land beside Gibberd Ward for their new 'Sensory Garden' for dementia sufferers. A politician rolling up her sleeves and getting on with a job, rather than turning up for the photo opportunity, then disappearing minutes later, was great to see. Laura is an impressive young woman who would make a great MP. Because she cares.

2018-08-03 10:27:21

Central office working overtime on this one. Character assassination of everything non Momentum. Check out the duplicity going on with RACISM, from Corbyinski downwards, the party is rotten through and through. Intimated to-day that possibly fifty Labour MPs will resign and sit as Independnts, this is the truth about the REDS

2018-08-03 10:29:09

Central office working overtime on this one. Character assassination of everything non Momentum. Check out the duplicity going on with RACISM, from Corbyinski downwards, the party is rotten through and through. Intimated to-day that possibly fifty Labour MPs will resign and sit as Independents, this is the truth about the REDS.

2018-08-03 11:10:06

Just so we're clear Micky, are you calling the Labour parliamentary candidate for Harlow racist? Just so it's in writing.

2018-08-03 12:08:47

Is she an MP ? No. As it's written, don't twist and pervert as usual. BH, doing his Mother Theresa bit again. Labour is riddled with racists and others who cannot see truth or reason. What about the Muslim MP,who, told the girls that had been raped and abused by Pakistani gangs, to shut up for the cause, diversity. Honesty and truth don't go hand in hand with the REDS, you know it, but cannot bear to admit it.

2018-08-03 12:23:03

What about Peter Lamb who equated Islam with alcoholism? Can we assume that the Harlow Tory Party endorse these views as the selected him as a candidate? Or the Tory councillor who likened Asian people to dogs? Or "if you want an ****** for a neighbour vote Liberal or Labour"? Micky uses diversity as a swear word and in doing so exposes himself for what he is.

2018-08-03 12:29:37

Micky is such a big man behind his keyboard but ask him to front it up and debate and he's nothing.

2018-08-03 15:46:15

Sticks and stones, called him this and called them that. So, jerryforqueen, are you saying that,a few ill chosen words, are comparable to the grooming, and raping, of hundreds upon hundreds of British girls, some as young as eleven, by Muslim gangs, some still under investigation. You're more warped and twisted than I ever thought.

2018-08-03 17:38:53

To be called warped and twisted by you is a massive compliment. Look at you, using all big words. Front it up and debate with me, "Micky", it's what everyone wants to see, you humiliated and finally put in your place.

2018-08-03 20:07:04

Apart from the gross hypocracy about ‘honesty and deception’ (yes. Have the emails, texts, and eyewitness accounts to collaborate her lies), looking forward to an actual statement from the momentum candidate, not just a regurgitation of central party press releases.

2018-08-03 21:29:21

For a statement from the *Labour* candidate, selected by the CLP and not some imaginary bogeyman, read the article.

2018-08-04 00:09:14

Once again JFQ what are your views on the 10s of thousands of cases of FGM that go unprosecuted every year or the 100s of thousands of white girls raped by "Asians" or the non stun slaughter of animals, What about schools issuing spoons to protect children from arranged marriages. What about your own leader and his hatred towards the Jewish community and his love of terrorist groups or Labour's training sessions on how to smear opponents what about the Labour MP for Sheffield and his views on women or Naz Shah telling white girls to "Shut Their Moths for the sake of Diversity" or explain to residents how Momentum have Bullied and hounded several respected leaders out of office including Jon Clempner someone who worked hard for this town. Maybe you should cut your righteous nonsense and actually get out in the streets of Harlow and talk to people in the real world it might open your eyes.

2018-08-04 05:02:17

It may have escaped your attention, "Maverick" but the Harlow Labour Party are out almost every weekend talking to the people of the town with canvassing or other initiatives like campaigning on local issues. Tory canvassing sessions are rarer than hen's teeth but then paid help is expensive I'm told. Can't get anyone with enough passion to do it for free can you. Give me one example where Jeremy Corbyn has said he hates Jewish groups? Just one. Whereas Peter Lamb, who the Tories selected even after he said Islam was like alcoholism, continues to be feted by the local party. Jon Clempner was not "hounded out of office", he left by his own accord. The council now has a unifying leader in Mark Ingall who has the interests of the people of Harlow at heart.

2018-08-04 05:03:51

Oh and Maverick. Nobody calls themselves that. It's what someone else should call you. "I'm a Maverick, me! I called myself it so I must be! It was either that or Superman!!"

2018-08-04 05:31:39

As we see here, "Maverick" is using the acts of a few to make a sweeping generalisation of a whole group and race of people. This is how fascism starts, the idea that "they're all the same". Yes there are problems but there are, here's a shock for you, "Maverick", quite a few problems that people with white skin cause too. The way you bang on you would think that nobody in prison is white (your hero "Tommy Robinson" did a stretch recently) or does any wrong.

2018-08-04 05:43:08

The fanatic protesteth too much !

2018-08-04 05:56:30

If I'm such a fanatic, debate with me, if I'm so easy to win an argument against, debate with me, if I'm such an insignificant person debate with me. But we all know why you won't don't we...

2018-08-04 06:02:58

Like all you Tories and Kippers, such big brave men behind your keyboard but in real life you're all just scared little boys. No wonder you never knock on doors.

2018-08-04 15:12:34

Just noticed, 13 comments from JERRYFORQUEEN, and his fanatical mates, but only 7 for the rest of us. It appears that, jfqueen likes to dig up historical comments etc, and we are talking about real live Socialism here. Did ever, a RED politician deviate from truth and hypocrisy ? Always. I'll start of with "Bigot Brown", and his side kick, "truthless TONY BLIAR Now we have Laura Mac, demanding truth, well, I know where she should start. Go round to Corbyns place,take a polygraph with her, and see what comes up. I think that this young lady is of the same ilk as,as BH,aka, M T, Mingall and,jfq. ALL,devious MOMENTUMISTS. If you wish to comment,jfq, it's all about hypocrisy, and truth and dishonesty,a subject that you're familiar with.

2018-08-04 17:01:16

Imagine having such a boring life that you literally go around counting comments. You want to get out more, mate.

2018-08-05 05:09:20

No answer yet again, boring is for the REDS. Truth confounds this shower, even the attempts at insults gets a minus. As for John Clempner, blatant lies from jerryforqueen. Little old Miss honesty and decency was behind the scenes stirring the pot for JC. I don't need a building to fall on me to work that one out. What about Eugenies massive plan for pools and splash parks ? Chucked out by local residents. The same impact in Churchgate Street. Couldn't tie a bow, the lot of them. Honesty and decency. If you know any Jewish folk, have a word. jerryforqueen, your local consultant for Honesty and Decency.

2018-08-05 06:11:07

Spot on Jon, do tell.

2018-08-05 06:41:17

Who said anything about Eugenie? You really don't like her do you Micky. Why is that? I think you've got a problem with women.

2018-08-05 06:58:36

What a sad, desperate and lonely old man you are Micky. I actually pity you, feel sorry for you. But not that much. Parents, if you're stuck for something do do this summer, I can take you to see Micky on his morning walk, one of the last living dinosaurs. Catch him before he becomes extinct!

2018-08-05 09:20:49

Answer, truthfully some of the questions posted by others. Assuming who, or what I am, reveals that you're so out of touch,jerryforqueen, and completely obsessed with my posts that are all true, with added wit.

2018-08-05 10:37:55

Crinkly knuckles Micky can't even get his grammar right. Time for a nice nap, old man.

2018-08-05 10:40:47

Go on, crinkle those knuckles Micky! Click click click!!

2018-08-06 08:04:41

Laura, it is great that you have spoken out about dishonesty and deception in politics, Now I wonder if you would give honest and clear answers to the following questions? 1 Are you a member of Momentum? 2 Do you support their call for a second referendum? 3 Do you support the local Labour Parties Local Plan, which will see hundreds of acres of green belt land around Harlow built on and many play areas and open spaces within the town turned into housing estates? 4 Will you acknowledge that contrary to what is being said by Harlow Labour Councillors, less than 400 of the proposed 16000 homes to be built in and around Harlow, will be Harlow Council owned and managed and thus these proposals will do little if anything to help those people most in need of housing?

2018-08-06 08:05:22

Tell me the next one, I might laugh. The Labour Party do not know the meaning of the word honest. The residents of Harlow have had lies and broken promises thrown at them for over 6 years now under the Labour administration party here in Harlow. The only reason they froze the Council Tax for the first time since becoming the administration party of Harlow back in 2012 is because the Tory county council administrating party increased it this year. Dirty tactics and credit snatching comes to mind.

2018-08-06 09:13:40

DPL, I'd wait until you talk about others knowing or not knowing the meaning of the word "honest" until you can spell it yourself...

2018-08-06 14:05:54

JerryfromQueens, I have been reading through the comments on various articles on here and felt compelled to create an account. Your comments are vacuous, your approach to politics malodorous and your avoidance of answering a question incredulous.

2018-08-07 06:24:26

You're going to have to be more specific here, cart? Cert? Coot? Clot?

2018-08-07 08:25:30

JerryFromQueens, If somebody has to explain that to you then you've proven my point entirely. I haven't found a single post of yours that has any validity or sustenance in it. You are completely devoid of reality and in need of education. Please stop trying to formulate opinions, as you failing miserably and need foundations to build one on. We all look forward to your silence.