Secondary school not so daunting for youngest students joining Burnt Mill Academy.

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SECONDARY school doesn’t seem so daunting now for the youngest students joining Burnt Mill Academy.

By the end of the summer, 200 ten and 11-year-olds will have spent a week sampling what life at secondary school is like.
Burnt Mill, in Harlow, holds two opportunities during the summer break for those joining Year 7 in September to spend time on site.

Almost all of those joining the school this year took the opportunity to spend the first week of the summer break having a taste of secondary school life. More will attend another summer school just before the new term begins.

Dan Bolt, assistant head in charge of Key Stage 3, said: “Students have been experiencing a variety of lessons which they will be taking in September. They have moved around the school to help them to get used to the layout and taken part in maths, English, science, PE, geography and art lessons.

“They were very quiet on the first day, but were all a lot more confident by the end of the week. We mixed up the groups, so everyone had one person they knew with them, but they were encouraged to meet new people and create new friendship groups.

“The idea is for them to now enjoy their summer without worrying about starting a brand new school.”

For Zahraa Dahir, the opportunity has opened her eyes to the sporting opportunities ahead. The former Church Langley Primary School pupil said: “My favourite lesson at Burnt Mill was sport where we played football rounders and quick cricket. It was really fun and I am looking forward to PE lessons in September. Sport is my passion, so I really enjoyed it.

“The school is really big, but I feel like I know a few places now; I’ve got the idea of the layout. I was nervous before, but really excited to come here. I feel prepared now for September as I know a lot of people; I’m feeling fine.”

Sport was also the lesson of choice for Maxwell Dalton, also from Church Langley Primary School. He said: “I felt a bit nervous on Monday as I didn’t know what it was going to be like. It has been good; I’ve really enjoyed PE as I like sport.

“I’m looking forward to PE, maths and science in September. I have made new friends and am not as nervous as I was. I can relax over the summer now.”

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