Red Hot Results for Harlow College A Level Students

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Red Hot Results for Harlow College A Level Students

WHILE Britain has been basking in record-busting temperatures, Harlow College Sixth Form students kept their cool to record another sizzling set of A Level results.

This is the only the second year that most A Levels have been assessed solely on end-of-second-year exams rather than coursework and AS and A2 Levels combined, but this didn’t stop students securing an impressive 99% pass rate.

Particularly strong subjects are Chemistry, English Language, History, Mathematics and Sociology.

The College has also seen great results in Level 2 BTEC courses, where exams have been introduced for the first time, in particular Applied Science, which saw a 100% pass rate. Results for the new Technical Certificates have been equally impressive, with Beauty students achieving the highest grade possible of Distinction*. Hospitality saw the only distinction grade and the majority of merit grades across the country.

Students have again secured places at some of the country’s top universities including UCL (University College London), Bristol, Birmingham, King’s College London, Nottingham, York and Manchester.

Louise Turner, Deputy Principal of Harlow College, said: “Once again our students have achieved tremendous results, reflecting the hard work of the students and staff. We are particularly delighted as we embark on the opening of our new college at Stansted Airport this September. Alongside excellent A Level results and progress directly to university many of our students are using apprenticeships as the route to combine their studies with employment. Our strong science technology and mathematics (STEM) provision enables many students to progress into employment and higher study in health, engineering and science areas, supporting the growth of health and science employment opportunities in the area and the region.”

Robert Halfon, MP for Harlow, was equally enthusiastic: “’I am so proud of Harlow College, one of the best Colleges in England. Yet again students have had outstanding A Level results with a 99% pass rate and great results in key subjects in maths and English. Harlow is becoming the skills capital of the East of England and ensuring that students can climb the education ladder of opportunity to achieve the very best. This is all to do with the hard work, commitment and sheer non-stop effort of the Governors, Principal, staff, students and parents. A proud day for Harlow and congratulations to all.”

This is the second year that new A Level learners at the College will be able to take BTEC subjects alongside traditional A Levels. These bespoke programmes are designed to give learners the chance to study a greater range of subjects, tailored to their future career plans.

Speaking about the new combined offer, Tracy Greenall, Head of Sixth Form, said: “We have had a very successful year creating even greater personal programmes for our learners, which has seen many combining A Level subjects with BTECs, such as Health & Social Care and Applied Science, enhancing the overall experience and providing a wider range of subjects to be studied. Following on from this success, we are exploring the possibilities of introducing new A Level subjects, including A Level Philosophy, to further meet the needs and interests of learners.”

Among the many students who achieved excellent results were:

Bethany Hart, 18

Biology A*, Maths A, Psychology A
Going to University College London to study Psychology
“I feel over the moon! I’m actually in the uni that I want to go to. I’m fascinated by Psychology and the mind – I’m hoping to unlock some of the mysteries during my uni course. I’d like to become a psychiatrist or a clinical psychologist when I graduate.”

Heather Marshall, 20

Geography A*, Government & Politics A*, History A*
Going to King’s College London to study International Politics
“I’ve just accepted a really good job with a local firm on their management pathway programme but with these results I can go to King’s College, one of the best universities in the world, so I’ve got a big decision to make. Politics is a subject I’m passionate about.”

Peter Bird, 18

Mathematics A*, Further Mathematics B
Going to Loughborough to study Accounting & Economics
“I’m just waiting for my Business grade but, hopefully, I should still be going to my first choice uni, which is Loughborough. My experience of the Sixth Form at Harlow College has been brilliant! The support from the teachers has been outstanding.”

Harriet Smith, 19

English Language A*, Government & Politics B as well as studying Law as a distance learning course
Going to The University of East Anglia to study Law
“My aim is to become a barrister eventually, although I’m going to keep my options open for other careers in the Law. The university have really good links and I’m really excited.”

Eddy Devine, 18

Physics B, Maths B, Business C
Going to Bristol University to study Robotics
“Robotics is a mix of physical and computer engineering and computer science. My A Level Physics grade will really help me in my uni course. During my placement year I’ll look for a company to work for in the field of robotics.”

Jade Driscoll, 18

History A, Chemistry B, Maths B
Going to Eversheds Sutherland, a law firm in Cambridge, to study for a Solicitor Apprenticeship
“I had an offer of a place at Kent University to study Law, but decided to go for an Apprenticeship as it will better suit my lifestyle as I can stay at home and learn on the job. I know that I’ll have equally good experience to be a solicitor, as I would have gained if I’d gone to university.”

Melissa Evans, 18
English Literature A*, Psychology A, Biology B
Going to The University of East London to study Psychology
“I’m still in shock after getting my results! Because my grades were higher than I expected I have the option of looking at a couple of other universities. I’m looking to specialise in Research Psychology – I like the idea of discovering ways of act

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2018-08-17 11:21:27

Are the general public interested in this yearly ritual. Probably NOT.

tony edwards
2018-08-19 22:31:11

Isn't it great to celebrate success - . Well done to all these young people, their parents, their lecturers and Harlow College. And well done Your Harlow for sharing this with us. :)

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