Londoners buying more homes than residents in Harlow

Lifestyle / Mon 3rd Sep 2018 at 11:30am

THE number of Londoners fleeing the capital in search of more affordable homes has increased by nearly two thirds in 10 years reports the Evening Standard.

London leavers bought more homes than local residents in several local authorities this year: Broxbourne, Slough, Harlow, Thurrock, Brentwood, Dartford and Wokingham, most of which border the capital.

London leavers have bought over 30,000 properties elsewhere around the UK in the first half of 2018 alone, a rise of 16 per cent more than during the same period last year and 61 per cent more than in 2008, according to new research by Hamptons International.

While the South East and East remain the most popular regions, their proximity to London enabling buyers to commute to the city, the proportion of Londoners heading north has more than tripled in a decade.

Priced out of the increasingly unaffordable and sought-after commuter towns in the South, 20 per cent of London leavers are moving to the North or the Midlands to buy a bigger house sooner and avoid paying stamp duty on additional moves as they upsize. Stamp duty on a detached home in the North costs £5,358 on average, compared to £14,780 in the South.

The average price of a home in these regions bought by a former Londoner now stands at £424,610, the highest on record and 1.6 times more than a buyer from elsewhere.

Stamp duty relief and the availability of Help to Buy has helped more first-time-buyers stay in London, with the number of those buying their first home outside the capital down by 2 per cent on last year.

Still, nearly a third are leaving London to make their first step onto the housing ladder – double that of five years ago – and four times as many are buying in the North or Midlands than they were in 2010.

This exodus is fuelled by the average starter home in the capital costing almost £420,000.

The average London first-time deposit currently stands at an eye-watering £114,952 – enough to buy outright a smart three-bedroom terrace house in the seaside resort of Scarborough, North Yorkshire; a two-bedroom cottage in a Midlands village; or a smart one or two-bedroom flat in Norfolk or parts of Essex.

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13 Comments for Londoners buying more homes than residents in Harlow:

2018-09-06 13:36:00

I would think that the majority of people from the East side of London, would be vacating the capital because of the massive influx of immigrants, and all the associated effects that go with it. Massive increases in crime and murder, the streets aren't safe for the ' normal people '.

Brett Hawksbee
2018-09-06 17:07:50

There is a reason you 'would think' that Micky.

Brett Hawksbee
2018-09-06 17:10:00

Added to which it is massively racist to infer that immigrants aren't 'normal'. I am astonished your racist views are still given a platform on 'Your Harlow'. People have been banned for less.

2018-09-07 03:05:06

Nothing to do with 'racism '. It's the truth, but, being a true Marxist, you'll do your utmost to get any contradictory comment blocked. Typical of the bullying factors within the so called,' labour group '. John Clempner may also agree with me. Obviously you have never lived in the boroughs that have massive problems with crime. Muggings used to be the everyday norm, so when friends of mine were beaten and robbed by gangs of black youths, most of us moved out of London altogether. Find me a contradiction here.

2018-09-07 10:10:01

Add to what's already been said, have you BH, noticed that the dis-proportionate amount of crime being is being conducted by ? have a guess. You may surprise yourself with the results, but,being the true Marxist that you are, you'll probably blame the Tory cuts for it.

2018-09-07 13:30:43

By the way Hawksbee, it's alright to be white, or hadn't you noticed.

2018-09-07 19:08:22

White flight Mickey.

2018-09-08 06:01:49

Lots of us jarrett, including my three children.

Brett Hawksbee
2018-09-09 18:35:13

London, and Harlow are parts of a multicultural UK. That, Micky is a fact. You're mistaken if you believe that people are moving out of London (East 'side' or elsewhere) because of a significant increase in crime. The increase in 'violent crimes across the entire MET area over the last reported year was 6.9%. Statistics are available here https://www.met.police.uk/sd/stats-and-data/met/year-end-crime-statistics/ By far the greater influence is property prices. Property in Harlow, under 30 mins from Liverpool St., makes the Harlow to Liverpool St. season ticket, (the most expensive mile for mile in the UK) an absolute bargain. THIS is what is behind the statistic. If you spin the story with a racist trope, there is nothing I can do to stop you, but if you believe most decent Harlow people have any time for your nonsense, you are mistaken.

2018-09-10 11:16:13

Momentumist carping on about 'racism', they're experts, hasn't racism, as practiced by the Corbynites ,been whistling around our ears for months ? Perhaps you've missed it, cant and hypocrisy abound within Labour. It appears that any one who disagrees with you, particularly, are called, racists, homophobes and worse. The movement by the general public out of the East End, began in the late 70's, mostly by people who were buying their own homes. Not, last year you fool. Where did you grow up Hawksbee ?

Brett Hawksbee
2018-09-10 18:52:36

Micky you're mistaken. The only people i call racists are racists. People who repeat racist tropes, such as black people are disproportionately criminals. People who relate any issue to a societal problem with ethnic minorities, at every opportunity. The Labour Party, with less MP's than the Conservatives, has twice the number of BAME MP's. Micky try reading this really slowly. Concentrate, maybe re-read a bit at a time, until you are sure that you actually understand it. I'll use little words. I didn't suggest that people were not moving out of London, for the suburbs, and places like 'Harlow New Town'. They are. And in the main they are moving out for the reasons I have already explained, based around property values in London.. I have no idea who you mean by the 'general public'. You seem to infer that the 'general public' are white people, moving out because they don't want black neighbours, or are afraid of living alongside marauding gangs of immigrants. The suggestion that this is WHY so many people leave London, is an inherently ('of itself') racist statement. By the way, you may be too young to actually know, but many areas of London were hopelessly overcrowded after the war. Troops returning home, along with much bomb damaged housing stock. Prefabs in many areas were a short term solution, but Harlow, Basildon, Hemel Hempstead, Stevenage saw many leave both East London and North London way before 1970. If you are suggesting that people left the East End from 'around 1970' but for a new reason then, i.e. not wanting coloured neighbours, again, Ships such as the Windrush carried commonwealth citizens from the moment they finished bringing the troops back from the Korean War (1952). These people were not problem citizens. They were our nurses, and bus conductors, and laboured to help rebuild the country after the war. The only problem ... the problem which has caused all other problems, is naked racism. It was the racism which came first. The 'No Blacks, no Irish, no dogs' ... the 'if you want a n***** for a neighbour vote Labour'. It is your attitude towards our BAME citizens ... some of whom are 4th and 5th generation British citizens, which causes the problem. If people are discriminated against, disenfranchised (Sorry, a bit of a long word...left out of things or made powerless) suffer prejudice, they will eventually react. If a society leaves some of them with nothing, some, with nothing, and nothing left to lose will become actively anti-social. Those with your attitude towards minorities created the problem. The solution is equality. Equality of opportunity, equality of respect, the right to earn equal 'social capital' regardless of colour.

2018-09-11 06:58:21

Whatever the reason a family chooses to leave London to come to Harlow to live, the fact is that a minority of these new homes are helping local people to improve their housing situation. What is very different now to what happened with New Towns after WW2 is that roads, health centres and schools were built as the new homes were being constructed, whereas now, little is being done to increase the capacity of our roads and public services in the area. The new hospital is likely to be some 9 years away from being completed by which time the population of the area could have increased by 30%. Added to this In the 1950's and 60's many businesses relocated to Harlow, whereas now many of the new residents will still be commuting to London, which is why many of the new homes are near the railway station and the M11. With the Government threatening to penalise Council's who do not met deadlines for producing a Local Plan (by saying house building targets will be dramatically increased), it is clear that the massive house building plan required by the Government is really nothing to do with regenerating towns. The Governments Housing Policies are for all intents and purposes broken ones, leaving the most vulnerable and those in real need still sidelined.

2018-09-11 14:24:23

Has the Labour party ever had a female leader ? Has the Labour party ever been accused of racist attitudes towards Jews ? You really haven't a clue as to the problems in the East End of London from the 70's onwards. Have you ever lived there ? Gangs of youths attacking locals, they used to call it "mugging". Youth clubs taken over by ferals from, Streatham, Brixton and Tottenham. Local children told to leave or get beaten up. Yes, it did happen to my two sons. My daughter is married to a guy from Antigua, my children's step-father is from Nigeria. Yet you accuse me of...................?? I know, and generally like decent individuals, whatever their background, but, those who want to damage our society, you can dump them as far as I'm concerned. As for guessing, what you think I mean, is typical Momentum policy, and then you try to categorise people who dis-agree with you. You're attitude, and the mob that you're associated with, stinks. Racist against the Jews, in the hope that you'll get the Muslim vote, selective racism or what ? As for your attempts at sarcasm, dismal to say the least. Hawksbee you stand for all that is deplorable in politics to-day , and I despair of what will happen to our Jerusalem.

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