The Nursery in Staple Tye highly praised by Ofsted

Education: Secondary / Thu 20th Sep 2018 at 12:58pm

A HARLOW nursery has been highly praised by Ofsted.

The Nursery based at Perry Road in Harlow was inspected by the government watchdog in August, 2018.

Summary of key findings for parents

The provision is good

“Children thoroughly enjoy their time at the nursery. They are welcomed with warm embraces and greetings from practitioners, and immediately settle into the learning environment.

Rich learning takes place as practitioners prepare and provide stimulating and varied activities that children are eager to explore. For example, babies are captivated by an assortment of different sized, coloured and textured bottles that are filled with glitter and coloured water. They learn their colours as practitioners take every opportunity to communicate with and teach them.

Older children relish the opportunity to run outside. They use their imaginations as they create a highly competitive game of catching each other, using a ball. They stretch themselves as they balance and jump on a tyre run in the garden.

Relationships with parents are strong. Feedback from parents shows how much they value the hard work that managers and practitioners provide for their children. Parents are delighted with the progress that their children are making and the care, love and support that their children receive.

The full report can be found if you click below.

Nursery 2

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