Harlow residents asked by council to “think before you bin”

Lifestyle / Mon 24th Sep 2018 at 03:28pm

RECYCLE Week 2018 takes place this week (24-30 September) and is a great opportunity to show what a difference recycling can make to the environment by reducing pollution and ocean plastics.

Essex is becoming a county of recyclers, but with the 2016-17 recycle rate across the Essex Waste Partnership at 53.3%, there’s still work to be done.

Cabinet member for Waste and Environment, Cllr Simon Walsh said: “Each of us can make a real difference with something that is so simple. If everyone in the UK recycled one more bathroom cleaner bottle, enough energy could be saved to vacuum around 82,460 homes. So this Recycle Week, why not see what more you can recycle from your bathroom? ”

Did you know, for example, that items from bathroom cleaners to shampoo and shower gel bottles, cardboard toilet roll tubes and toothpaste boxes, and aluminum deodorant and shaving foam canisters can all be recycled and turned into new products?

For plastics all you need to do is rinse, squash and pop the lids back on then place in your recycling receptacle. It’s that easy.

Kirsty Tavakoly, a new WasteBuster volunteer, who lives in Colchester said: “Recycling is so easy to do, there really is no excuse. It is satisfying knowing you are doing your bit to help the environment.”

Kirsty added: “I volunteer to encourage others to recycle by sharing my experiences of using waste free products and recycled items, as well as sharing educational posts on social media.”

For more information about your local recycling scheme, including details of what can and can’t be recycled from around the house, visit www.loveessex.org.

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2018-09-26 07:48:15

Some people just do not care though. No amount of requesting or leaflet campaigns will change that - an ex of mine (she's in Spalding) was like that. Simply couldn't be bothered or found it too much trouble. There are a lot of business and places such as care homes that the council would do well to look at as well. I know of one that recycles absolutely nothing and produces double figures of black sacks per day. I don't suppose they are the only ones either. It's not just homeowners/tenants generating this waste. As for those of us who care, what would really make a difference is less packaging and more use of paper/cardboard or glass and to REDUCE the amount of plastic we use. A shop where you can refill your own bottles or bring your own containers would be good.

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