Budding artists display their work to the community

Burnt Mill Academy / Wed 24th Oct 2018 am31 11:48am

YEAR 9 to 13 students at Epping St John’s School, in Epping, took the opportunity to put on an art gallery at neighbouring St John Church.

It was the first time last year’s Year 11 students were able to share the work they produced for the summer’s GCSE exams.

Katie Driver, head of art, said: “The Rev Lee Batson has been great with the school and tries to support us as much as possible. He is a big fan of art and suggested we put on an art gallery together.

“The GCSE exam work has just been released by the examiners, so this was the first opportunity for parents to see it as it has been under lock and key.

“This was a good opportunity for students to be recognised for their talent and for prospective students to see the standards we have at Epping St John’s. It was the first time we have displayed work outside of the classroom and was really nice for parents and the community to have a look.”

About 75 pieces of artwork were put on display, along with sketchbooks and portfolios to give a flavour of what happens in the art department.

Ms Driver said: “Students invited their parents along and were so excited to show their work. They put up posters around the town and shared details on social media to promote the event.”

Stephen Hehir, executive head, said: “This exhibition is a tribute to the hard work and dedication of the students and staff members of our school.

“Well done to all students and staff members concerned. This was a fantastic advert for Epping St John’s in our community.”

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