London Marathon 2019: Support Daryl as he runs to give children sporting chances

AS part of our coverage supporting Harlow residents taking part in the London Marathon of 2019, we showcase Daryl Baver-Pollard.

This will be Church Langley resident Daryl’s first marathon in April and we wish him all the luck.

Daryl is running for Lord Taverners, who are fighting to eradicate child poverty.

Daryl said: “I am running the London Marathon in conjunction with The Lord’s Taverners. This is a great sporting charity and it is the charity that my work place Sunshine Garden Centre in North London will be working with for 2019

I have been an amateur running for about five years now off and on.

I have applied for the Marathon for about the last three or four years through the ballot and have been unsuccessful.

I have been given the opportunity by The Lords Taverners to run for them and now need to fundraise £2100 or more to achieve my goal.

I have run a few half Marathons in the past but this will be my first full.

I was consistently running approx 10-15 miles per week up until December 2018 and then had to slow down as I was diagnosed with an inaugural hernia. I have now had surgery for this at the beginning of January and aim to begin running again this week taking it easy with a couple of miles.

This will then be built up of the next week or two and increased on a weekly basis.

The longest I have ever run is approx 15 miles.

So running a Marathon will be a challenge but it is one I am up for and aim to achieve.

“Race target time is 4 hours.”

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