Athletics: Harlow runners go out in the country

HARLOW Running Club competed in the second round of the East Herts and West Essex Cross Country League at a very sticky and muddy 5 mile course at Ware. First home was Martin Westley in 8th place in a time of 32.40. He was followed by Mike Woodruff 27th in 36.01, Martyn Coulter 30th in 37.08, Colin Baker 32nd in 37.22, Jason Haigh 33rd in 37.23, Nick D’Alton 34th in 37.24, Ben Usher 38th in 37.52, Andy Terrell 39th in 38.00, Andy Kitson 41st in 38.12, Paul Schroder 48th in 39.18, Rich Hynes 62nd in 41.17, John Bull 65th in 41.41, Steve Warren 73rd in 42.52, John Tennant 76th in 43.54, Martin Elven 79th in 44.30, Josh Shelton 84th in 44.54, Alan Cootes 86th in 45.35, Graham Saville 88th in 45.52, Andy Smith 94th in 48.12, Jamie Jephcott 102nd in 48.30, Andrew Smith 105th in 49.40, David Page 109th in 51.38, Martin McColgan 112nd in 52.11, Spencer Brooks 114th in 52.21, Dean Bull 116th in 54.25 and Ron Newton 121st in 65.09. In the ladies race Carinne Jay finished in 9th place in 41.49, Catheridge Ridge was 23rd in 47.21, Michelle Hyde 26th in 48.08, Kerry Mavris 33rd in 49.20, Louise Cootes 34th in 49.36, Celia Haigh 40th in 51.26, Debbie Smith 42nd in 52.23, Janice Page 43rd in 52.25, Karen Moir 53rd in 56.24, Teresa Stickland 57th in 57.53, Sandra Webber 60th in 59.04, Iwona Antolik 63rd in 59.13, Liz Roberts 66th in 60.25, Brenda Clayton 73rd in 65.39, Wendy Schroder 74th in 66.17, Joy Hale 75th in 66.17 and Teresa Warren 76th in 66.43.

Meanwhile at the Canterbury 10 Mile race Jane Evans finished in 890th place out of 1411 finishers in 1.36.34, Andy Kinney was 1245th in 1.53.41, Lindsey Pearson 126th in 1.55.03 and Tarasa Holden 1352nd in 2.03.25.

At the Lee Valley Velo Park 10K Brendan McClean finished in 6th place out of 133 finishers in 40.05 and Andy Ramage was 25th in 45.43.

At the Pick n Mix event at Sawbridgeworth you can complete as many, or as few, laps as you like of a 5.3km, 3.28 mile, looped course along the beautiful River Stort waterways. Deb Garfield completed seven laps or 23 miles in 5.26.07. The other runners completed five laps or 16.4 miles, Andy Kitson finished in 2.13.09, Laura Prime 2.45.09, Paul Schroder 2.45.09, Gail Nicholls 2.51.17 and Wendy Schroder 2.55.09.

At Harlow parkrun Danny McCree finished in 3rd place out of 264 finishers in 19.00. He was followed home by Steven Good 7th in 20.48(PB), Martyn Coulter 11th in 22.12, Jon Waight 12th in 22.19, John Bull 13th in 22.23, Jamie Jephcott 15th in 22.31, Bobby Draper 25th in 23.48, Paul Dixon 30th in 24.07, Catherine Ridge 31st in 24.13, Marc Witham 32nd in 24.14, Kelly Grey 39th in 24.49(PB), Alejandro Prados 44th in 25.24, Kerry Mavris 46th in 25.28, Alan Cootes 47th in 25.31, Jim Bates 52nd in 25.44, Michael Robey 54th in 25.50, Louise Cootes 55th in 25.52, Holly Davis 60th in 26.13, Robert Scott 62nd in 26.21, Hazel Kurz 65th in 26.25, Ayshea Pite 69th in 26.40, Steve Cowlin 72nd in 26.46, Robin Lozeau 81st in 27.22, Francesca Tye 93rd in 28.17, Anna Robey 94th in 28.20, Austin Nyamande 96th in 28.29, Andrew Smith 99th in 28.40, Liz Roberts 101st in 28.44, Martin Westley 102nd in 28.44, Teresa Stickland 108th in 29.06, Spencer Brooks 114th in 29.27, Graham Saville 115th in 29.28, Alison Bull 120th in 29.47, Hossein Erfani 124th in 30.00, Brenda Clayton 136th in 31.03, Debbie Cooper 137th in 31.06, Pushpa Mistry 156th in 32.50, Peter Mills 165th in 33.57, Sandra Webber 202nd in 37.49, Sharon Brooks 206th in 38.11, Yasmin Gregory 230th in 40.44, Karen Kitson 235th in 42.31, Joanne Mills 239th in 45.30 and Sara Coombe 255th in 52.43.

At Marlborough Common parkrun Alan Broughton finished in 14th place out of 176 finishers in 22.14.

At Castle Park parkrun Justin Patten finished in 56th place out of 327 finishers in 23.46 and Helen Brunton was 305th in 37.41.

At Camberwell parkrun Alan Wellbelove finished in 332nd place out of 524 finishers in 27.12.

At Oxford parkrun Hannah Wenlock finished in 266th place out of 530 finishers in 27.39.

At Chelmsford parkrun Martin McColgan finished in 364th place out of 768 finishers in 27.55.

At Westmill parkrun David Page finished in 45th place out of 137 finishers in 28.31 and Janice Page was 53rd in 28.58.

At Newcastle parkrun Owen Haigh finished in 456th place out of 663 finishers in 29.39.

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