Athletics: Great performances at Great Bentley

HARLOW Running Club members Craig Segal and Martin Westley both had excellent PB runs at the Great Bentley Half Marathon, finishing within seconds of each other. Segal finished in 32nd place out of 666 finishers in 1hr 19min 13sec and Westley was 36th in 1.19.39. Also running were Martyn Coulter 130th in 1.29.21(PB), Sharon Wright 148th in 1.31.24, Adrian Fell 187th in 1.36.12, Martin Elven 306th in 1.46.25 and Graham Saville 310th in 1.47.02.

Meanwhile at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Winter 10K Ben Usher finished in 14th place out of 334 finishers in 40.26, Andy Smith was 103rd in 50.28, Gail Nicholls 143rd and 1st Female Vet 50 in 51.21, David Page 152nd in 54.13 and Janice Page 155th and 3rd Female Vet 50 in 54.28.

At the London Winter Run 10K Leigh Brown finished in 4514th place out of 18,506 finishers in 53.14, Hannah Wenlock was 5951st in 55.41, Tracie Cook 7541st in 57.57, Julie Bradley 11,435th in 1.03.49, Lindsey Pearson 11,661st in 1.04.09 and Yasmin Gregory 17,500th in 1.21.50.

At Regents Park 10K Allison Beeton finished in 62nd place out of 310 finishers and 2nd Female Vet 50 in 44.11.

At Harlow parkrun Michael Woodruff finished in 3rd place out of 180 finishers in 20.03. He was follow home by Alan Broughton 7th in 21.25, Allison Beeton 11th in 22.13, Jon Waight 12th in 22.13, Jamie Jephcott 13th in 22.19, Andy Terrell 14th in 22.44, John Bull 16th in 22.51, Catherine Ridge 18th in 23.09, Colin Baker 19th in 23.11, Francesca Tye 24th in 23.38, Andy Kitson 26th in 23.44, Steve Warren 29th in 24.00, Robert Scott 30th in 24.02, Paul Dixon 33rd in 24.10, Steve Cowlin 35th in 24.44, Marc Witham 38th in 25.04, Bobby Draper 47th in 25.27, Kelly Grey 51st in 25.43, Laura Prime 57th in 26.37, Ayshea Pite 60th in 26.54, Robin Lozeau 62nd in 27.11, Graham Saville 63rd in 27.39, Spencer Brooks 64th in 27.40, Hazel Kurz 65th in 27.56, Louise Cootes 83rd in 28.48, Martyn Coulter 84th in 28.48, Liz Roberts 89th in 29.05, Martin Westley 90th in 29.05, Alan Wellbelove 91st in 29.50, Austin Nyamande 95th in 30.02, Paul Cadogan 97th in 30.16, Brenda Clayton 103rd in 30.57, Julie Bradley 109th in 31.27, Jason Pite 127th in 33.44, Teresa Warren 128th in 34.01, Peter Mills 132nd in 34.28, Sharon Brooks 135th in 35.10(PB), Joanne Mills 170th in 45.20, Sara Coombe 172nd in 50.26 and Andy Kinney 180 in 60.30.

At Hertford parkrun Danny McCree finished in 8th place out of 323 finishers in 19.03.

At Hackney Marshes parkrun Paul Schroder finished in 54rd place out of 281 finishers in 20.00(PB) and Wendy Schroder was 215th in 27.32.

At the Gunpowder parkrun at Waltham Abbey Darren Rautenbach finished in 41st place out of 161 finishers in 25.22 and Yasmin Gregory was 146th in 40.54.

At Great Yarmouth parkrun Terasa Holden finished in 281st place out of 311 finishers in 37.00.

Photos courtesy of LW Photography

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