Planning bid to turn more office units into flats in Harlow

A PLANNING application to turn more office units into flats has been submitted to Harlow Council.

The application is as follows: “Approval for a Change of Use of Second Floor from Office (B1(a)) to Dwellings (C3) to Provide 11 Dwellings | Units 5 And 6 Square Deal Units 5 West Road Harlow Essex CM20 2BQ

West Road is off Edinburgh Way in Harlow.

The application was submitted on February 11th. It is unknown as yet whether the application will go before the Harlow Council planning committee.

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2 Responses to "Planning bid to turn more office units into flats in Harlow"

  1. D.p.l   February 19, 2019 at 11:22 pm

    So much for Councillor Ingall stick to his words.
    About three months ago, he put a article on your Harlow stating that, no more office block’s in Harlow will be converted into residential Flats.
    Liar or what.
    How the he’ll can any resident of Harlow trust him to stick to his words?
    Just like his party, the Labour party,in general, they can not be trusted to serve the People of Harlow or the UK overall.
    The people of Harlow including me are fed up with being lied to and being brain washed with broken promises by the two main parties but especially the Harlow Labour administration party.

  2. m ingall   February 26, 2019 at 6:41 pm

    Dear Dan,

    In the article you refer to I promised that the Council would pursue an article 4 injunction to stop office conversions to housing taking place without planning permission. The Council are pursuing that, but the legal process takes time to complete. I also promised to work with other Council leaders I have done that. If your memory needs refreshing the article is here. You will see that everything I promised I have acted on.

    Harlow does not have the power to stop the owner of a property seeking planning permission, whether the proposal is to build a new house, make significant changes to a building or indeed to convert an office into housing. The merits or otherwise of any scheme will determine whether the proposal is accepted.
    If the proposal is a “permitted development”, then no planning permission will be needed and if the proposal beats the courts granting our article 4 injunction (if they agree to grant it) then there is nothing Harlow can legally do to stop it.
    I share your concern about ill-conceived office block to housing conversions and the Council is taking all the legal steps it can to resist them, but we most work within the legal framework. Your evident anger needs directing at the Conservative Minister Eric Pickles who introduced the poorly thought through legislation that has made this situation possible.

    I hope that helps.

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