Athletics: The magnificent 63 in another busy weekend for Harlow Running Club

Athletics / Tue 9th Apr 2019 at 10:05am

HARLOW Running Club had a magnificent turnout at the St Clare 10K at Hastingwood, on the outskirts of Harlow, with 63 runners helping to raise much needed funds for the hospice. Martin Westley was victorious in 1st place out of 346 finishers in a fantastic PB time of 35min 28sec. He was followed home by Pas Blackwell 6th in 37.29, Laurence Maddock 7th in 39.25, Andy Kitson 9th in 39.56, Michael Woodruff 10th and 1st Vet 50 in 40.21(PB), Alan Broughton 12th in 41.37, Stuart Glynn 18th in 42.14(PB), Jon Waight 29th in 43.55(PB), John Bull 35th in 44.32, Jason Haigh 38th in 44.58, Vicky Steadman 39th and 1st Female Vet 35 in 45.01, Marc Witham 42nd in 45.10, Leanne Bennett 48th in 45.49(PB), Rangwedi Sello 49th in 45.55, Jamie Jephcott 52nd in 46.22, Fieke Blackwell 56th in 46.36, Francesca Tye 61st in 47.07, Graham Saville 63rd and 1st Vet 60 in 47.13, Richard Fryer 69th in 48.12, Paul Dixon 70th in 48.16, Steve Warren 79th in 49.45, Jon Wickings 90th in 49.45, Laura Prime 95th and 3rd Female Vet 35 in 50.02, Terry Ridge 96th in 50.07, Ben Usher 96th in 50.06, Terry Ridge 97th in 50.07, Tracy Stratford 103rd in 50.44, Jim Bates 104th in 51.04, Darren Rautenbach 111th in 52.01, Spencer Brooks 115th in 52.31, Holly Davis 118th in 52.40, Alan Wellbelove 127th in 53.07, Robin Lozeau 145th in 54.09, Sam Carter 156th in 54.47, Dean Bull 169th in 55.38(PB), Hannah Wenlock 178th in 56.08, Martin McColgan 182nd in 56.25, Michele Hyde 189th in 56.58, Iwona Antolik 191st in 57.15(PB), Celia Haigh 197th in 57.18, Robert Scott 199th in 57.21, Paul Watts 201st in 57.54, Dave Goosetree 202nd in 57.55, Joy Hale 205th in 58.05, Austin Nyamande 206th in 58.21(PB), Brenda Clayton 210th in 59.24, Tony Harman 214th in 59.32, Bill Brunton 222nd in 1.00.05, Helen Barnes-Martin 242nd in 1.02.55, Hossein Erfani 255th in 1.04.13, Julie Bradley 273rd in 1.06.17, Kim Wookey 278th in 1.07.03, Louise Peacock 279th in 1.07.04, Teresa Warren 280th in 1.07.12(PB), Liz Roberts 294th in 1.09.54, Helen Brunton 308th in 1.14.46, Alison Bull 310th in 1.15.29, Sharon Brooks 311th in 1.15.32, Julie Bull 322nd in 1.20.08, Angela Cook 331st in 1.26.14, Sara Coombe 343rd in 1.43.54 and Tracie Cook 344th in 1.43.56.

Meanwhile at the Manchester Marathon Rich Hynes finished in 258th place out of 13,095 finishers in an excellent PB time of 2.51.29. He was followed by Kelly Rowland 1838th in 3.19.04, Paul Schroder 2737th in 3.29.03(PB), Lee Webber 3200th in 3.30.21, Kerry Mavris 6635th in 4.03.52. Leigh Brown 8930th in 4.19.29(PB) and Sandra Webber 11,166th in 4.52.43

At the Kent Spring Marathon Martyn Coulter finished in 14th place out of 96 finishers in 3.29.34.

At the Phoenix Running Excalibur Ultra 30 Mile Marathon Paul Watts finished in 13th place out of 80 finishers in 6.24.34.

At the Sandy 10 Mile race Andy Ramage finished in 87th place out of 477 finishers in 1.14.10.

At the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 10K Laura Prime finished in 142nd place out of 432 finishers and 2nd Female Vet 40 in 51.15.

At the Great Notley Spring Duathlon (4k run, 20k bike, 4k run) Rob Lowe finished in 6th place out of 79 finishers and 2nd Vet in 1.08.16, Andy Smith was 33rd in 1.19.21, Michael Robey 36th in 1.20.11, Louise Kedge 37th in 1.20.24, Dionne Jones 41st in 1.22.34, Andrew Smith 59th in 1.30.01, David Page 63rd in 1.33.05, Janice Page 67th in 1.34.32, Karen Moir 68th in 1.34.57 and Jane Evans 75th in 1.40.32.

At Harlow parkrun Martin Westley finished in 2nd place out of 238 finishers in 18.46. He was followed home by Alan Broughton 6th in 20.56, Andy Kitson 11th in 21.23, Mathew Austin 13th in 22.11(PB), Allison Beeton 17th in 22.44, Andy Terrell 24th in 23.12, Mark Moulds 26th in 23.22, Colin Baker 32nd in 24.03, Daniel Worby 35th in 24.24, Steve Cowlin 36th in 24.26, Jon Waight 37th in 24.44, Gail Nicholls 39th in 24.54, Darren Rautenbach 40th in 24.55, Terry Ridge 44th in 25.07, Tracy Stratford 49th in 25.48, Richard Fryer 55th in 26.07, Louise Cootes 58th in 26.25, Hazel Kurz 60th in 26.31, Marc Witham 64th in 26.48, Steve Warren 82nd in 27.42, John Bull 84th in 27.44, Graham Saville 90th in 27.57, Spencer Brooks 94th in 28.08, Paul Cadogan 95th in 28.09, Karen Moir 102nd in 28.52, Jason Pite 105th in 29.09(PB), Catherine Ridge 106th in 29.11, Michael Gornall 111th in 29.33(PB), Paula Miles 113th in 29.40, Hossein Erfani 115th in 29.43, Alison Bull 119th in 30.08, Debra Monk 122nd in 30.27, Andy Smith 132nd in 31.18, Debbie Cooper 134th in 31.35, Kerry Mavris 136th in 31.40, Vincent Martin 145th in 32.14, Julie Bradley 148th in 32.31, Paul Dixon 168th in 34.44, Jane Evans 180th in 35.31, Tony Harman 204th in 38.15, Sharon Brooks 206th in 39.23, Tracie Cook 215th in 40.40, Pauline Weirich 219th in 42.41, Karen Kitson 220th in 42.53, Nicola Wix 230th in 48.00(PB), Jennie Gould 235th in 53.41, Sara Coombe 236th in 54.26 and Holly Davis 237th in 54.27.

At Hackney Marshes parkrun Danny McCree finished in 9th place out of 367 finishers in 18.07.

At Bishop’s Stortford parkrun Jason Haigh finished in 11th place out of 383 finishers in 19.35, Brenda Clayton was 302nd in 31.55, Alan Bore 371st in 40.37, a new Club Vet 75 record, and Helen Brunton 383rd in 63.35.

At Ipswich parkrun Bobby Draper finished in 87th place out of 388 finishers in 24.17.

At the Gunpowder parkrun at Waltham Abbey Michael Robey finished in 43rd place out of 199 finishers in 24.27.

At Chelmsford parkrun David Page finished in 350th place out of 748 finishers in 26.31 and Janice Page was 414th in 27.46.

At Highbury Fields parkrun Terasa Stickland finished in 251st place out of 358 finishers in 28.40.

At Hendon parkrun Alan Wellbelove finished in 47th place out of 86 finishers in 29.19.

At Great Yarmouth parkrun Terasa Holden finished in 257th place out of 315 finishers in 32.32.

At Frickley parkrun in Yorshire Andy Kinney finished in 51st place out of 70 finishers in 32.51.

At Peterborough parkrun Paul Schroder finished in 483rd place out of 611 finishers in 34.37 and Wendy Schroder was 484th in 34.38.

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